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page twelve Strata StonesOur commitment to Ethical Trading Audits & Certificates At Stone Age, we believe in adhering to a strict framework of policies and regulations. In accordance with this belief, the company has undergone a process of stringent audits. The result has been that we have been awarded ISO: 9001: 2000 by TUV, Rhineland Germany . In addition, all our policies and practices for social and ethical trading have been confirmed as per the standards of SA 8000 by Qualicon consultancy. In fact, our company is the only natural stone industry in India, which has achieved this approval and meets all the demanding set of conditions stated under SA 8000, a European standard.

Our commitment to Ethical TradingStrata Stones page thirteen Social Responsibility Stone Age strongly believes that sustained and focused efforts are a prerequisite to raising the living conditions of people from poorer communities, especially the children in India. Since 2001, Stone Age has given active contribution for helping build the infrastructure for a school near our facility. The school is not only for the use of our staff' s children, but for the local community as well. It is our belief that no child should be bereft of a good education, no matter what their background or upbringing. The Government has duly recognised the sincere efforts of Stone Age and its CEO Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal in this sphere and has awarded them with the highest State honour which is a rare feat and not received by any other stone Company. Continuing Efforts Stone Age believes that a lot of ground still needs to be covered in terms of social development and it is our steadfast resolve to do all that can be done in this regard. We have incorporated " Stone Age Charitable Trust" with a mandate to further develop the infrastructure of the school and also to provide help to the poor and the needy in terms of medical treatment, which they would otherwise be unable to afford. Stone Age contributes to the trust on a monthly basis and the amount it donates is commensurate with the growth of the company. The accounts from the trust are annually audited independently and will be available for public viewing. Stone Age and Strata Stones, extend their invitation to our customers from the UK and around the world to join hands with us and help us in our efforts to raise funds to aid the deprived communities in India. Any contribution small or large will be greatly appreciated.