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Our commitment to Ethical TradingStrata Stones page five No packing at the quarry Most companies exporting natural sandstone are inclined to get the stone processed and packed at the quarry head. Such a process gives no specific guarantee that there has been an adherence to the labour laws besides the quality standards. Lots of quarries have different colours of sandstone running through the seams. When products are packed at the quarry, it is impossible to carry out a selection process that ensures that the quality and colour of the stone meets specific standards. Being a natural stone, there can always be variation in the stone but some companies in the UK add words like BLEND or MIX to the name of sandstone in a bid to get around the problem of the extreme mix of colours. At Stone Age, we refuse to pack anything at the quarry head and all the raw material is transported to our manufacturing facility in Jaipur.

page six Strata StonesOur commitment to Ethical Trading State- of- the- art production facility Spread over 40,000 square meters in Jaipur, Stone Age boasts one of the best production facilities for natural stones in the whole of India. The production technology used by Stone Age is not only amongst the finest in India, but can match the best in the world. We use the most modern plant, equipment and machinery to manufacture superior quality products which in turn allow us to achieve high standards of customer satisfaction.