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Our commitment to Ethical TradingStrata Stones page seven Focus on quality Once the raw material is transported to our production facility, it undergoes a series of procedures, such as splitting of the sandstone into required thickness, segregation for colour, and various other procedures to meet the parameters of quality, adhered to by Stone Age. At Stone Age, our quality control department checks the products as many as three times to ensure that the quality of the products is up- to- the- mark. It is only after a stringent quality check, that the material is packed into crates, ready for export.

page eight Strata StonesOur commitment to Ethical Trading Packaging Stone Age has been at the forefront of innovative changes in packing methodology. Our innovative methods have been so successful that many other companies have followed suit. In our effort to conform to the health and safety standards both in India and abroad, we have implemented numerous changes. One example is the use of plastic banding in place of metal, thereby reducing the risk of cuts and injuries. Safety and environmental issues are uppermost in our minds. We have reduced the usage of timber in our crates by as much as 30%! This has not only eased the struggle faced while emptying the crates but has also reduced the felling of trees. Stone Age is fully committed to controlling environment pollution and deforestation. Packaging Shipping House keeping