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Our commitment to Ethical TradingStrata Stones page nine Shipping At Stone Age we have our own shipping department. This department is responsible for the correct loading of crates in to the containers before they are loaded on to the vessel and we also carry out our own customs clearance. This allows us to ensure that the crates reach the final destination in good condition. House keeping As can be seen, the pictures ably illustrate the fact that our standards of housekeeping are extremely high and meet the international guidelines. Our housekeeping has been admired by a lot of our international clients.

page ten Strata StonesOur commitment to Ethical Trading Staff We are a company that believes in equal opportunity. There is no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed or ethnicity. We select our labour force on the basis of individual capability. We provide all our staff with a fair and adequate standard of earning, which has always been above the minimum figure for wages set by the Government. Annual Day Annual day celebrations are held every year at Stone Age. A myriad of cultural programs are held on this day, which also includes the award ceremony for the best staff performers in various departments. The festivities are topped off by a gala dinner. This not only helps build a bond between labour and staff but also gives public recognition for good work.