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Page 2 equip train Learn We Are Twist Sport Conditioning Welcome to our 2010 V- Catalogue Twist TV: Experience Twist products, training and learning in action through embedded and linked video. Use our Interactive V- Catalogue to LEARN 4TRAIN 4EQUIP 4 your sport conditioning world! Navigate: To turn the pages either use the arrow buttons or simply drag the edge of the page. Tools: Hover over the icons in the tool bar to see what they do. Click to access. Bookmarks: Right click a page to set a bookmark. Access bookmarked pages from the toolbar icon. Zoom: Click on a page to zoom or use the slider on the control bar to zoom further. While zoomed, click and drag to navigate. Search: Use the search box to find text in the catalogue, or click advanced search to open a search window. Hyperlinks: Hover over many of the objects on each page for links, video clips, and other choices to take you even further. Informed shopping: Explore these buttons to learn, train and equip yourself with innovative tools.

Page 3Twist Builds Welcome to the Revolution!4Twist BalanceBOSU® Balance TrainerTTBOSU® Training & Sport Conditioning DVDsBOSU® Ballast BallTTwist BoardTTwist ABS Pro Stability BallBalance Pods6Twist AgilityTwist Agility LaddersAgility HurdlesReaction BeltReaction BallAerospeed Skipping Rope16Twist Strength and PowerSMART TonerTSMART GymTSMART StickT Weighted VestSlingshotTEnforcerTExplosive SkillsLateral Speed DeveloperDual Resistance TrainerFast Feet / Fast HandsAb BlasterEconomy Vertical Master Medicine BallTTwist Soft Shell Fitness BallsTRX® Suspension Training Systems ViPR22Twist SpeedBulletTWildCatTMach Speed TrainerTPower Chute42Twist Recovery Trigger Point Therapy46Twist EducationTwist Sport Conditioning Coach Education ProgramCompetitive Edge DVD SeriesTwist Sport Conditioning DVD SeriesTwist Training SystemsWorld-Class Educational Opportunities58Twist Sport Conditioning centre franchisesThe highest quality TWIST experience!68Twist: Feedback From the ProsWhat the Fitness Pros are saying about TSC72shopping & ordering infoDetails and information you need to know75ContentsTo Our Valued Clients and Customers, This catalogue is dedicated to all those who are inspired to dream BIG and live those who are willing to take risks to achieve their goals, to extend beyond your comfort zone and self-imposed boundaries, physically and believe that anything is possible with vision, dedication, commitment and those who give more of yourselves than you ask in live with an attitude of gratitude, regardless of one's personal circumstance or leave every person you meet with a smile on their face....and to know that whatever one's goal, its in your control!!At Twist Sport Conditioning, we are committed to providing the methods, techniques and tools to empower and challenge the Human Machine.... to give everyone the opportunity to live in a body that is strong, powerful, resilient and capable. Through our unique training paradigm, SMART Muscle® Training, we have successful transformed the lives of athletes and dedicated fitness enthusiasts to achieve personal and performance goals, they didn't think possible. Based in science, and proven in the world of elite athletics, SMART Muscle® training offers everyone the opportunity to achieve peak performance, in body, mind and attitude.With the help and support of countless fitness professionals, coaches, teachers, dedicated fitness enthusiasts and active adults and kids like you, the world over, we are changing the way the world trains. Join the revolution and Be ReadyT to live a life where There Are No Limits to what you Can Achieve!With best regards and many thanks for giving us the opportunity to earn your support, respect and your inspiration! Peter TwistPresident, CEO - Twist Sport ConditioningPresident - Twist Franchise Corp.