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Page 4 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com Twist Builds LEARN 4TRAIN 4EQUIP 4 The training paradigm, grounded in theory and proven in years of elite athlete training and testing, is based on exercise techniques designed to improve the mind- muscle connection. The result is stronger muscles that are more responsive to the mind's commands, enabling skillful whole body coordinated movement. training focuses on the development of dynamic balance, multi-directional movement and whole body strength to enhance coordination, body awareness, speed, power, agility, and reactivity - all the physical tools that enhance success in the many diverse situations life brings. equipment provides the innovative and challenging tools for Twist training, learning opportunities ensure the capacity of fitness professionals around the world to develop their client's potential within Peter Twist's paradygm. Don't miss out on new training exercises, work out tips, training tools and special offers. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here subscribe

Welcome to the Revolution! We want athletes to develop efficient, quick, powerful, deceptive, and confident movement abilities that will translate into increased sport skills, tactics, and overall performance. This method has developed and evolved through years of practical experience and sport science research. Traditional methods of training, such as muscle isolation, machine based training, aerobic training, and linear speed training can all lead to injury. SMART Muscle T training draws upon the secondary fitness characteristics: dynamic balance, speed, agility, quickness, multi directional movement skills, muscle reactivity, joint stability, whole body reaction skills, multi- joint strength, whole body power initiation, rotary core power, anaerobic energetics, deceleration and other athletic attributes that contribute to making athletes more skilful and durable. The complete Twist paradigm is coached with an integration of sport movement mechanics and posture, skill technique, individual tactics, and metabolic demands of games. The outcome is a body that is bigger, faster, stronger and smarter, where muscles comply with the mind's commands. Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 5