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Barbraall aboutNo.1onlineROZ FOCKER IS BACK!

This is the first on-line issue of AllAbout Barbra.We hope you enjoy it.This publication is free for Streisandfans to enjoy the world over - all we ask isthat you consider offering a smalldonation to help us continue to cover theweb-publishing costs involved. Thank you.We hope to continue to produceinformative issues that mix new reportswith articles and features taken from pastissues of All About Barbra that have beensold out for almost 20 years!Why registering is importantEveryone will be notified via email aseach magazine is published. To make sureyou receive these emails, and otherimportant updates, please make sure youregister at www.allaboutbarbra.comWhat happened to By The Way?For all the latest news and pictures ofBarbra - visit our Blog www.allaboutbarbra.blogspot.comAnd there you go. This is probably thebiggest collector's issue since issue 1. Printit out to keep. It's yours.Pass the word on.Thanks for all your marvellouscontinued support. For helping us tokeep Barbra out there! Pictured above are your editiors, Steve andLynne, pictured with Barbra and Sammie,backstage Manchester in July 2007.LynneEmail: Barbramaguk@aol.comwww.Barbramaguk.blogspot.comwww.allaboutbarbra.comWelcome to thefirst online issueof All About BarbraLYNNE POUNDER:Publisher/Editor-in-ChiefSTEVEN BAXTER:Associate Editor and DesignSTAFF WRITERS: Todd Sussman, Larry Olsonand Allison J. Waldman SPECIAL THANKS:Martin Erlichman Associates - Marty Erlichman,Sony, Wendy -Universal, Matt Howe, StephenThacker, Paul Busa, Richard Giammanco, Sal(, Michael Roman (, Martin Silvert, Richard Jay-Alexander,,,Robin Lipman and Viking Press.Publication in this magazine does not imply endorsement by ABPublications of views expressed. ALL ABOUT BARBRA is an unofficialfan magazine. We do not represent Ms. Streisand nor her management.Ms. Streisand has no financial, promotional or editorial interest in itspublication. No part or article may be reprinted without writtenpermission from the publisher.AB Publications, 17 Adrian Place, Peterlee, Co. DurhamSR8 5SR England. All About Barbra2Plus a copy of The Village Vanguard DVDsigned by Barbra's close friendand Concert Director, Richard Jay-Alexander!Anyone who is serious about their appreciation of Barbra will have heard ofmy good friend, Allison J. Waldman. Furthermore, it is practically a dead certyou have enjoyed her articles and features about Barbra, published in themany fan forums, web pages, her book The Barbra Streisand Scrapbookand, themagazine All About Barbra.Allison and I have known each other since the magazine's inception,almost 27 years ago. She has visited with me twice in England and wehave enjoyed many a good chin-wag in long distance phone calls.Now, as many of you will know, Allison is battling cancer.Compounding this horrendous experience are her unrelenting andever escalating medical bills. Put simply, if Allison cannot afford her treatments, they will stop. We know thatmany of you have graciously donated to Allison's cause and, by God's wonderfulgrace, Allison has gotten by. As always, Allison is very grateful for the generosity thathas been shown her.We thought it would be fun to have a competition that could raise funds - and ourGrand Prize is a note, handwritten by Barbra. It is a genuine, original and very real.It was sent to me, from London, when Barbra was in the UK filming Yentl.I havedonated it here and YOUcould win it.In addition, Richard Jay-Alexander(readers will remember reading his Vanguardarticle in a recent issue)has kindly agreed to sign a copy of The Village Vanguard DVDto add to our prize.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is answer the question below and send it us (via e-mail)with a donation (size of your choice) via Paypal (Paypal addy: we will pass on the funds to Allison.This competition is being re-staged as when we ran it previously many of the European fansand almost all of the USA readers did not receive their magazines on time. So, to make itfair the competition is on again!And the question is?Tell us what kind of breed Barbra's pet doggie, Sammie is. Email your entry with the subject SAMMIE BREED COMPETITIONtoBarbramaguk@aol.comNote: closing date for all entries is Sunday 9 January, 2011 - the winner will benotified via email early January 2011! (What a way to begin the new year ;)There. Simples! Good Luck everyone!