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Warner Bros was very anxious to have Barbra Streisand'sA Star Is Bornin their 1976 release schedule. What theywere not anxious about, was having the concert segmentsfor the movie filmed live. They tried to convince Barbraand Jon Peters to use stock footage from Woodstock and the Isle ofWight. But Barbra and Jon felt it necessary for the film to containconcerts that were actually filmed for the movie. Warner Bros,reluctantly agreeed but on one condition. They requested Barbra andJon to put together a 3 day press junket which would culminate onMarch 20,1976 with the live rock concert Peters was planning. JonPeters started organizing the event in late January. The concept was tocreate an event that upwards of 40,000 rock fans might attend, withBarbra, Kris, and the filming drawing willing concert goers at a ticketprice of $3.50. Would that many people attend? Peters decided if theconcert was to be a huge success and a media event, he would haveto bring in a variety of big name rock and roll entertainment. Heturned to veteran rock producer Bill Graham. Graham started toorganize the event. He hired Santana, Montrose, Graham CentralStation, and the L.A. Jets. The headliners, The Doobie Brothers,bowed out, so Peter Frampton was brought in.Streisand mega fan, Dennis Berno, began to hear the rumors in January of 1976.When word trickles out that Streisand might sing live, people begin to talk.Knowing he just had to be there, his wheels started spinning. "First, I'll contactWarner Bros. They're making the film. "Jon Peters office, please." The voice thatanswered the phone belonged to Jane Jenkins, Peters' personal assistant. (Jane wasthen currently one of the biggest casting agents in Hollywood.) She was very nice,but informed him, if he was calling regarding the A Star Is Bornconcert schedule,he'd have to call her at a later date. Dennis did just that. He got back to her, timeand time again, and also sent her gifts to remind her, lest she forget, that he was veryinterested in attending the concerts. Finally his persistence paid off. Jane advisedDennis to send his money for the tickets to Arizona State University in PhoenixThe price was an amazing $3.50 per ticket. He sent his money off right away, andwhen the tickets arrived it seemed to him a miracle. Saturday, March 20, 1976.Festival seating. Concert goers were urged to arrive early. Dennis took his cousinVicki, and a friend from Washington, Rick Sakota. Dennis and Vicki arrived inArizona late Thursday evening, March 18th. On the way from the airport to theHoliday Inn, they passed Sun Devil Stadium. Although it was quite late, thestadium was all aglow. A lot of security people could also be seen. From their hotelroom balcony, they could hear music coming from the stadium but they did nothear Barbra. So marked their arrival in Phoenix. Members of the press who stayedat the Hyatt Regency, were treated a little differently upon their arrival. Awaiting intheir hotel rooms was a large basket of fruit, a record album (Classical Barbra), aproduction t-shirt, and the concert poster. Along with the aforementioned, was aschedule of events and a personal letter from Jon Peters. Friday - March 19, 1976 -Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters arrived at the venue around 4:30am. Dennis andVicki arrived bright and early also. Through a rear entrance, a convenient open gateled them to a backstage area and all the action. Crews were preparing to beginfilming. Looking far in the distance, they saw some trailers, and then for one brieffleeting moment, Barbra Streisand. She was receiving a dozen roses from someone.She thanked them and then returned to her trailer. She was too far in the distancefor Dennis to make out any clearer details. Even so, Dennis was elated to havespotted her. The day could only get better.The rest is set to appear in our next online edition!Dennis Bernowas a wonderful friend of All About Barbra.Sadly, hepassed away in 2007. However, he sent this article written byRichard Giammancofor BARBRAbiliain 1996 in to our GraphicsEditor, Steve, in hopes it would appear in the magazine one day.That day has come. It is our pleasure to be able to include this,Dennis' wonderful account of his experience at the filming of A StarIs Bornin March 1976 during the huge, live outdoor concerts at theSun Devil Stadium, Arizona. Thanks Dennis - we miss you.In Concert for A Star Is Born