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All About Barbra15A nose with deviationOn Rhoda(Season 3, Disc 4), now out onDVD, in the episode titled "Nose Job,"Brenda (Julie Kavner) considers surgicallychanging her nose to make herself more attractive.In her consultation with the doctor (guest starDavid Ogden Stiers), they have this exchange: Dr. Dreiser: "So tell me, who's your favoriteactress?"Brenda: "Huh?"Dr. Dreiser: "Who's your favorite actress? See, mostpeople want to look like theirfavorite actor or actress. You know, Kirk Douglas'chin. Cher's cheek bones. So whose nose do youwant? Who's your favorite actress?"Brenda: "Ah, Barbra Streisand."Dr. Dreiser: "I, uh, I fix 'em. I don't break 'em."Joking aside, this episode originally aired onFebruary 20, 1977, when A Star Is Bornwas white-hot in theaters and many admirers strived toimitate Barbra's look.Sister, you'vebeen onmy mindFor a rare Roslyn Kindcover story, see theMarch 2010 issue ofCabaret Scenes.The article isaptly titled "The FamilyGene" and mentions theinevitable comparisons toBarbra. Though Roz strivedto establish her ownidentity as a performer, shesays, "There were certainthings that are familial thatare never going to die inme. I remember peopletelling me that I sound like her and move like her.Do they think I stare at her and watch her move?This is genetic. I go on a stage wanting to be me.She is indelible in people's minds and a legend -and if I have a hint of that familial gene, I'm notgoing to erase it. That would be denying who Iam." A black & white photo of Roz with Barbra,Jason, and Mom Diana (from The Prince of TidesLos Angeles premiere, 1991) is included. With all the trimmingsThe Here's LucySeason 3 DVD set contains aspecial feature on "Lucy Meets the Burtons"(original airdate, September 14, 1970), thehighest rated episode of the entire series. That's theone where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtonguest-star as themselves. In the featurette, "LucyMeets the Burtons: A Comic Gem," ProductionExecutive Howard Rayfiel recalls the perks lavishedon the Burtons for their appearance. Onememorable fringe benefit was Liz's dressing room.Says Rayfiel, "The dressing room that we had forElizabeth was the most spectacular dressing roomyou could find. It had been built for Barbra Streisandwhen she did On A Clear Day for Paramount, andyou were not allowed to use the name BarbraStreisand in the presence of Elizabeth Taylor. This ispart of the craziness of Hollywood." Hmmm. It startedover coffeeSigns and souvenirs of September 26, 2009populate the main menu of Barbra's One NightOnlyBlu-ray and DVD. They're all there: thedate, the Village Vanguard occupancy sign, the"Make Someone Happy" sheet music, and finally,the blue and white coffee cup adorned with Greekcolumns and the slogan, "It's a pleasure to serveyou." Barbra raises the cup as a toast early in her firstnumber, "Here's To Life," and then again when sheexclaims "L'chiam" to end the song. Indeed, thatsimple cardboard cup appears throughout the show.What a clever touch that the DVD ends with the fanwho reveals, "I have to admit, I did steal the cup."As a footnote, on April 25, 2010, shortly beforethe May 4th Blu-ray and DVD release of One NightOnly,Leslie Buck, the cup's creator, passed away atage 87. His obit stated the cup became an iconicsymbol of New York, "right up there along with theStatue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge." Sinceits creation in 1963, it has been a staple at diners,delis, bodegas, and perhaps at early Barbra showsbefore she favored fancy china tea sets for sipsbetween songs. Deepinthe nightThe remastered Deep ThroatDVD -yes, youread that correctly -contains an extra featuresure to please those Barbra fans who love torevisit her movie locations. In the featurette, "TheDays of Deep Throat and Linda Lovelace," vintagefootage of Times Square in the early '70s is shown.The camera pans a row of porno theaters, one ofthem sporting this sign: BARBRA STREISAND'SNEW MOVIE FILMED HERE. This obviously refersto The Owl and the Pussycat, and the porn theater isthe setting for the movie within that movie, CycleSluts. The sign, which also exclaims MIDNIGHTCOWBOY FILMED HERE, can be seen during theopening credits of the featurette as well asapproximately 7 minutes in. Streisand completistsmay buy this DVD for the Barbra sign, but theyshould not ignore Linda Lovelace's actingtechnique. Here's a rare backstage photograph of twotrue legends, Barbra and Lena Horne.Barbra is positively glowing as she visitswith Lena after a performance of Lena Horne: TheLady and Her Musicin 1981. Ms. Horne, whopassed away on May 9, 2010 at the age of 92, wona special Tony for the show. David LeShay, then apress assistant, snapped the photo.I'm allsmilesWrite to Todd Sussman at

All About Barbra16Barbra-archives.comLikely one of the best web sites and 'go to' places, on the web. Created andmaintained by Matt Howes, Barbra-archivesdoes exactly as it says - providesa wonderful treasure trove of Barbra information. It doesn't matter whether youare a seasoned fan or brand new, once you begin clicking and reading on thissite .you can't stop. Each section contains links that lead you to oneinformative feature after another. If you are a new fan, Barbra-archivesis an excellent place to start. What tookthe likes of us years to accumulate and learn, new fans can now glean in a week! Matt is a long time friend of All About Barbraand from time to time his deepvault of timeless pictures and articles have provided and aided some greatfeatures in the magazine. Matt himself is a contributor. He tirelessly promoteseach new issue and has helped us introduce the magazine to many new fansbefore we took our first steps onto this world-wide-web.This web site should be in your bookmarks and checked daily as Matt'ssources keep him well informed as to what is happening in Barbra-land!back home. I kept the site going and developed it as time progressed. My centralobjective with BarbraTimelessis to offer assorted features about Barbra's career- primarily from my own perspective as a fan. I wanted to do something alittle bit different than what some of the other excellent web sites wereoffering. BarbraTimelesscelebrated 10 years on-line this past March, and I've beendelighted at the positive feedback that's come my way throughout the years."It has been a while since Sal and I had been in touch, and recently we re-connected. He wrote a wonderful piece about the magazine for his site. Thereis a link for his site on our Blog, but you can also go there directly, you will find a vast amount of great articles and information. The siteis well designed and easy to navigate. Staying true to his aims, it comes froma 'fan's' point of view; thus it is a little different in its own way. Definitelyworth a look and should be bookmarked.Barbratimeless.comThis is run by an old friend of mine named Sal. A dedicated fan, he iscelebrating a successful 10 years of publishing his web page. I asked Salabout his site. "BarbraTimeless began when I was in Australia for "Timeless" back in 2000.It started as an informal Blog where I shared my concert experiences for friends is, as you no doubt know, Barbra's'official' webpage. However, fans have put their webabilities to use and created some excellent web pages.These web pages tell us all we need to know aboutBarbra, provide a constant stream of updates and news thatkeep us informed what she is doing, where she has been andeven what she's been saying - all within reason, of course. Theyalso provide great places for fans to meet. Chat rooms andcommunity posting boards have enabled fans from everycountry to meet other like-minded admirers in a virtual arena.Distance, even time, is of no importance. This virtualcommunity, if all gels well, is a like having a set of specialfriends, different from those we know through school, collegeor work. What is nice, is that most of the time these boards dorun smoothly. Everyone respects one another's opinion, evenwhen they criticise Barbra, her projects, even her politics.People get to know one another. On occasion they meet andsome find that special someone and marry!We thought in this, the finalprinted issue of the magazine, we would turn ourattention to those who, driven by their admiration for Barbra, put themselvesout and create and maintain these web sites.BARBRAON THEWEB!BY LYNNE POUNDER