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All About Barbra18Barbra Streisand was honoured on December 3,1984 with the Scopus Award of the HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem at the 15th AnnualScopus Award Gala. It was held at the BeverlyHilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Mistress of ceremo-nies wasactress, Shirley MacLaine. The evening's entertainmentwas provided by Barbra's friend, singer Neil Diamond."The black-tie gala raised $1.5 million in scholarships for students at theHebrew University in honour of Emanuel Streisand, Barbra's father. He wasa scholar and a teacher who died when Barbra was 15 months old. She said,'I know he's here tonight. I think he's very proud.' The recipients are to beknown as Emanuel Streisand Scholars.Barbra was honoured for herexcellence in her profession and fordevotion to the Jewish education, saidAbraham Harman, Chancellor of theHebrew University of Jerusalem. Hehosted Barbra in Jerusalem lastspring, when she dedicated theEmanuel Streisand Centre for JewishStudies on the Mount ScopusCampus of Hebrew University.Among previous recipients of theAward are First Lady Nancy Reagan,Frank and Barbara Sinatra, JohnWayne, Gregory Peck, Dinah Shore,and President Gerald Ford and MrsBetty Ford.Barbra entered the packed (1,500people) room to the musical strainsof Evergreen, and to the applause of many of Hollywood's finest. Guestsincluded George Burns, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Burt Bacharach andCarole Bayer Sager, Gregory and Veronique Peck, and Danny and RosemarieThomas.Co-chairman Vidal Sassoon had one of the evening's funniest lines. Hemade ma-ny references to Barbra's film Yentl as 'Yenta' only to be correctedby Barbra herself. He quipped, 'Yentl, Yenta what's the difference? I oncemade reference to Cedar's Sinai, as Caesar's Sinai!'Barbra looked radiant in a low-cut, gold gown, similar to one she wore inHello, Dolly!She had a matching gold and silver choker. She was escorted by,then, current boyfriend, composer Richard Baskin, and they exchanged manyprivate jokes du-ring the festivities.Barbra's mother was with her as she entered the pre-dinner photo session.Then Barbra, together with Israeli Ambas-sador Simcha Dinitz, ShirleyMacLaine and Neil Diamond posed with the Scopus Award. She said ofreceiving this honour, 'It was like the Bat Mitzvah I never had!Neil Diamond performed many of his songs from The Jazz Singeras well ashits from the 1960's like Cherry, Cherryand Play Me.He commented on beingvery honoured to sing for Barbra because he joked, 'Who else would sing foryou, Barbra? Not Barry Manilow!' He finished with You Don't Bring MeFlowers, Neil and Barbra's 1978 hit, and a guitar-accompanied Hava Nagila.As Barbra spoke of the members of the dais, she thanked Neil and said,'Many people think that You Don't Bring Me Flowerswas the first time thatNeil and I sang together, but they're wrong. It was in the chorus of ErasmusHigh School in Brooklyn, when he was 16, and I was 15.'After Barbra received her Award, the audience was treated to a filmretrospect of Golda Meir and Barbra from the Salute to Israel's 30th Birthdayspecial from 1978. We watched on TV monitors posted around the largeroom, as Barbra sang Happy Days Are Here Again.We also relived Barbra'scharming interview with the late Golda Meir. Many in the room were movedby its warmth.It was a very special evening for Barbra Streisand. She thanked everyone fortheir kind donations in helping make her dream become a reality. She alsothanked her close friends by joking, 'You'll be happy to know that this is thelast fund-raiser honouring me for a while! Shalom.' We thought it would be nice to set away one or two newcolumns for the online issues of the magazine. In thisfeature,I Remember,we will take the opportunity to revisitthose events we reported on many years ago.We begin with...The 1984Scopus Awards IRemember...

All About Barbra19