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All About Barbra4"Did you know that heart disease takes the lives ofmore women than all cancers combined? Can youimagine? I was so surprised when I learned this."Actually, so were we. You hear of cancer affecting somany people these days. So much so, it hasovershadowed this silent killer -heart disease."The symptoms of a heart attack are often different inwomen than in men. But for decades, women have beentreated for cardiovascular disease based on medicalresearch done on men.How is this possible? Women are differentphysiologically from men-and we are paying a terribleprice for this knowledge gap. Because of these staggeringstatistics, I am committed to taking on this epidemic,and I need all of your help. I hope to raise $10M dollars(of which I will match up to $5M) for research,treatment and education on women's heart disease."This is a fundamental issue that affects almost allof us at some point. My own Mother has heartissues. A friend of mine lost her mother at just 40due to heart problems that no-one knew about.You can help Barbra's campaign by donating tothis cause. A cause that is very important to Barbra.Use the link here and donate whatever you can, itdoesn't matter. it all helps. Furthermore, youknow it will be used for vital research that is sure tobenefit future generations to come.Healthy Hearttips from BarbraEach of us can do something to help ourhearts -every day. Step one is a heart-healthy diet. That means eating morethings that come from the ground and fewerthat walk, fly, swim, or crawl, say thenutritionists at the Women's Heart Center atthe Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute.Here's what I've learnedfrom them:.Potassium-rich bananas help regulate yourblood pressure.Whole grains cut your risk of heart disease.Beans help to lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressureAnd here's a healthy recipe that's both tastyand easy to make:EASY LENTIL SALAD Ingredients: .2 cups cooked lentils . 1/2 cut red onion (minced).4 tbsp Italian parsley (minced).1/2 tsp garlic powder.1 tbsp extra virgin olive oilCombine ingredients and refrigerate. Use asa high fibre side dish/salad. Makes 4 servings.We tried this - lovely. Very tasty.LeadingWith YourHeartWe all admire Barbra for amyriad of reasons. Now, wehave another reason toadmire her even more. Barbra isusing her position to draw attentionto an issue that, until now, hasreceived little attention - women'sheart disease. On 1 November, BarbraStreisand.composted a video message from Barbra talkingabout the appeal. Then on 9 November, afurther PSA was released of Barbra in her RozFocker costume and wig. Word is that this PSAwould actually play before Little Fockersinmovie theatres!"Heart disease is the number onekiller of women in our country, morethan all other cancers combined.And today, more women die of heartdisease than men. Because of thesestaggering statistics, I am committedto taking on this epidemic,and I need all of your help." -Barbra

All About Barbra5just for therecordThis Christmas, Barbra will appear, albeitbriefly, on the big screen when Little Fockers isreleased December 22nd. Barbra reprised her role as the popular RozFocker, despite the absence of Dustin Hoffman.However, Hoffman eventually agreed to anotherstint as Bernie - and the Focker family wascomplete.When test audiences complained that Barbra wasnot in the movie 'enough' and wasn't funny (what?Who cast Barbra in a comedy and failed to makeher funny?!) extra scenes were written especially forher and Barbra returned to the set late September.(Inset above) A behind-the-scenes photograph ofBarbra with Colin Baiocchi who plays Henry Focker,son of Gaylord Focker....and beyond!LittleFockers