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All About Barbra6I mean, did you ever eat dinner with her (or lunch,or a nosh?) and have her start eating food off yourplate? It's YOUR dinner and you're hungry and she'seating the food right out from under your mouth.What kind of behaviour is this? And then one day, shedoesn't eat off your plate and you get depressed. It'sridiculous!To her, midnight isn't too late to phone thescreenwriter and discuss line changes. If he happens tobe the PRODUCER TOO, even one o'clock in themorning is all right. But talk to him for anHOUR..TWO hours just to make a few scenesBETTER? . Just to make the WHOLE PICTURE better?What kind of nonsense is that? Glancing at the timeevery few minutes, watching the telephone all night,and sometimes it doesn't ring. Who needs THAT?"Why do you always stare at me?" she says."I don't know, I can't help it.""Well stop it.""Then stop looking the way you do."Who needs a reputation as a voyeur?I ask her if he likes some work I've done, or SHE'Sdone. If she likes it, she says yes. If she doesn't like itshe says no. This is HOLLYWOOD. Who does shethink she is? From MARS?WHO NEEDS BARBRA STREISAND?Working with Barbra Streisand is obviously an intense, memorable experience.In this article written by Hello, Dolly! Producer/Screenwriter Ernest Lehman,Lehman comically recalls the Dollyproduction with a wry, sentimental saluteto the perfectionist spirit of Barbra Streisand. His tribute appeared as an ad in the Friar's Club program for the Woman of TheYear Awardpresented to Barbra in May 1969. As in the tradition of the 'Roast' therecipient is 'kidded' and 'teased' about their life and work. Lehman's piece is writtenin that spirit/tradition. Unfortunately, Lehman's works were taken 'completely out ofcontext' in Considine's notorious, unauthorised biography about Barbra. ErnestLehman died aged 89 in 2005.We ran piece this in issue 17 and we're featuring again in the same spirit, that itcontinues to help set the record straight. It was researched by Allison J. Waldman.WHO NEEDS HER?By Ernest LehmanFor all the latest newsas it happens watch our Blog allaboutbarbra.blogspot.comIs that really Barbraon Facebook & Twitter?What next for Barbra and the big screen?After much speculation about A Mother'sCurse,a road trip movie in which aMother joins her son for a cross country trip, allhas gone quiet. More recently, Barbra asked herfans, via Facebook, to vote on her next project, amovie, a CD or a tour, as she couldn't decide. Many fans were doubtful if the vote ideaactually came from Barbra, but it did. Restassured that all things posted on Barbra's Twitterand her official Facebook DO come from Barbraand her office.Do let us know what you think of Little Fockers.Just when I thought that BarbraStreisand, had done everythingpossible to prove that she deservesa high distinction, she once againsurpasses my greatest expectationsand becomes an amazing author!I picked the book up on the day it wasreleased on my way home from work, Iliterally could not put it down. Within itsbeautiful pages are many personal insightsfrom Barbra. Here you will find personalnotes to herself (in her own handwriting)and her drawings and sketches.I was totally captivated by every gloriouspage. Barbra has a wonderful writing style. Shewrites in such an honest and open way, shedraws you in to her thoughts. I enjoyed enjoylearning the many stories about the many,many items that adorn her home, and you cantell each piece means a great deal to her.Her homes are exquisite and decorated withher impeccable taste. Each and every room hasits own feel to it; warm and beautiful, yet eachwith its own personality. The depth of Barbra'sintellect is not only impressive but incrediblyvast. She delves deep into things that she ispassionate about. Needless to say, overall, the entire book is asuperb, quality production. It should takepride of place an any book shelf or coffee table.I could go on an on about how much I lovedevery detail of this "work of genius". As I said,I literally could not stop reading it! It left thisreader quite breathless.I'll be anxiously awaiting Volume Two! My Passion for Designis available in theUSA/Canada right now. It is due for release inEurope November 25, 2010.MY PASSIONFOR DESIGNA FAN'S REVIEW BYROBIN LIPMANBarbra,"I love the wayyou write!"Barbra's first book, My Passion for Design, hasbeen eagerly awaited by her fans the worldover. For this, our first issue, we invited a 'fan'to send us their impressions. Robin Lipmanstepped up to the mark and we thank her forthis mini-review."Do you mind coming into the studio thisSaturday," I ask. "We've GOTTA to get this dubbingdone.""Saturday?""Yeah."A shrug, "OKAY."There goes my day at the beach. No consideration."I'll run the rough cut for you Monday night.We'll have dinner in the projection room. Anythingyou want from Chasen's, The Bistro or Perino's?"Could I have a hamburger, fries and a coke?"Some superstar.Okay, so she sings like a dream, short circuits thescreen with high voltage brilliance, makes youlaugh and cry and ache for more. She always wantsto be good, and good is never good enough for her,and she'll stay up until four in the morning figuringout how to make it better while she's doing hernails and eating too much chocolate ice cream. Butwho needs all that passion for excellence? Whoneeds thrills? Who needs fun? Who needsmemorable experiences? I mean, after all, it's onlya MOVIE.WHO NEEDS BARBRA STREISAND? She's always making a POINT, and too often she's RIGHT, dammit. And she makesa point by poking you in the ribs with that long, tapering index finger of hers andit hurts. But then everyday, you find yourself waiting for her to make MOREpoints, because you begin to like being touched by her. This is SHOW business?