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Based on Pat Conroy's best-seller (of the same title) Barbra fell in lovewith the novel and felt driven to bring it to the big screen, a feat sheachieved in style as the movie's producer, director and leading lady.The film follows the struggles of football coach Tom Wingo toovercome the tragedies of his past. When his sister attempts suicide, he meetswith her psychiatrist, Susan Lowenstein, to help her piece together his sister'smemories - but ends up revisiting his own past traumas, and falling in lovewith Lowenstein in the process.Set in Beaufort, South Carolina, Barbra captured the beauty and character of the story'slocation. Although not originally planning to film there, Barbra decided to check outBeaufort during location scouting because PatConroy had grown up there and it was theoriginal setting for the book. After spending anight at the Rhett House Inn, she and hercinematographer fell in love with Beaufort.Barbra's directing and use of the camera is a verynatural part of her story telling and vision. Thecamera is never intrusive, the story unfolds easilybefore the lens and scenes move smoothly. Itcruises along on a beautiful score written by JamesNewton Howard.Again, Barbra wore more than one hat, eachheavy with its set of demands and responsibilities.In these instances, Barbra's concerns and attentionlie primarily with her actors, their needs, theirconcerns and performances. Next there is theproduction itself and the demands placed on adirector. Lastly, Barbra has to act. Usually herscenes are filmed last, towards the end of a longday. All things considered her performance in ThePrince of Tidesis superb. Towards the end, as sheleaves her office, she spots Tom waiting across thestreet. She's happy to see him -but her smilequickly fades. It's all too apparent Tom has badnews. News she been dreading. News she doesn'twant to hear. Barbra's expression,her emotional response as theycling to each other on the sidewalkis excellent. I like this movie a lotand have great admiration for herwork on it.".so many awardson the shelf. Did thismovie direct itself?!"It is largely due to Barbra thattwo of Tidesprinciple actors (NickNolte and Kate Nelligan) garneredOscar nominations. Both arewonderful actors, and throughBarbra's directing, her abilities totap into strengths, and eye fordetail, these characters leapt fromfrom screen. Nolte was simplyamazing. The movie itself scoreda Best Picture nomination. (Thenomination was for Producers Barbra Streisandand Andrew Karsch.) Notably, Barbra was absent from the Best Directorlist. Again. This typeof snub weakens the whole purpose of 'Oscar' to me, but there you have it. It's not the firsttime Oscar has drawn more attention to who isn't nominated or who lost to who (rememberJudy Garland losing to Grace Kelly?), than to who actually won and likely it won't be thelast. However, such was the impact of Barbra's 'obvious' omission, many star-presenterssniped at the glaring error. Billy Crystal's trademark song set the trend for the evening, andsnipe after snipe followed in Barbra's favour. Barbra was in attendance in support of herwork, her movie and the nominated actors she directed. Ultimately, she rose above it. Her time will come. I'm sure Barbra will direct again one day. She will take her place behindthe camera, not before it for once, and the result will not be so easily ignored. LP Some fun facts you mayor not know aboutThe Prince of Tides. Barbra, as well as co-star BlytheDanner and her daughter GwynethPaltrow, very much enjoyed the icecream at Plums on Bay Street indowntown Beaufort.. Nick Nolte was coached on hisSouthern accent by Wayne Zurenda,an English instructor at the TechnicalCollege of the Lowcountry. Waynespoke of his experience ... "I was NickNolte's Dialect Coach for The Prince ofTides from May to August of 1990. Ialso worked with Kate Nelligan, BradSullivan, and several of the children ontheir southern accents during thefilming. Nick took me around to BarbraStreisand's house one Saturday becauseshe wanted to meet me, since I was thenone of her employees on the set. Duringthe conversation I told her The Shag wasSC's Official State Dance. SHE ASKEDME TO DEMONSTRATE IT FORHER! It's a funny story. It was a summerI shall never forget.". Barbra rented the home of Dr.Gene and Beth Grace, located indowntown Beaufort, during thefilming. A privacy fence was erectedand Streisand made a few personaltouches to the house, such as addingbathroom carpeting.. While in Beaufort, Nick Noltebought a bicycle to lose the weighthe had gained for the filming ofAnother 48 Hours.He wouldsometimes bike from downtownBeaufort to the Steamer Restaurant,where he enjoyed eating.With Director of PhotographyStephen Goldblatt

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