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Top 5For those kids who hadn't camped, the thought that there'd be too many creepie crawlies was more o -putting than missing their TV and computer games. A third also thought they'd get too messy and dirty!!We asked kids who haven't camped why they would like to go camping and the same top three answers as above, were top of their list! This tells us that whether kids camp or not, they love the idea of spending time with their family exploring the outdoors and doing new and fun things79% of kids who have never camped said they would like to!Kids who have campedwere signifi cantly more likely than those who hadn't camped to have done the following: . Flown a kite. Climbed a tree. Made a den outside. Explored a pond with a net. Cooked on a campfi reWhat I love about camping is when I sleep in the sleeping bag, it makes me feel all excited especially when it is my fi rst night.Caitlin Jewellage 8things kids say theylove about campingMy Dad's a Derbyshire lad and a big lover of the outdoors - landscape, fl ora and fauna - so he brought me up to appreciate it in the same way. There is no better buzz than some fresh air, an amazing view and time together as a family.Julia Bradbury, TV Presenter1I get to explore new places4I get to do new and fun things5I get to do things with my family that I don't do at home2I can get muddy and dirty and don't get into trouble3I learn about newthings in nature11

73% of campers say it's a great way to make new friendsWhen people talk about their social network these days, chances are they mean their list of Facebook friends,not the people they spend quality time with regularly.It's part of a trend that has seen lots of us making more and more 'virtual' attachments to more and more people - but at the risk of making fewer meaningful, rewarding relationships. Social commentators call it 'gaining breadth and losing depth'.But at The Camping and Caravanning Club, we're beginning to notice a shift back to more old-fashioned ideas of socialising. People want to get together in an authentic, face-to-face way that has nothing to dowith Facebook.And what better way to do it than a camping holiday or weekend away? Because it's not just about the family and friends you go with, it's also about the new people you meet along the way. In fact, a study by the University of Otago3, New Zealand found that mixing with other families was a big part of the camping experience, and even if they come from di erent backgrounds, when they camp together the social barriers melt away.Lots of our members talk about the lifelong friendships they have made on camping trips. Some have even met their future partner through camping and have gone on to bring up their children with the camping bug.The Real SocialCorfe Castle Club Site12Get rich quick at