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76% of campers are satisfi ed with their quality of life, compared to 59% of non-campersGet rich quick at

The observation thatcamping o ers greater riches for mind, body and soul was fi rst introduced over 100 yearsago by the Club's founder, Thomas Hiram Holding. He wrote:Page 4-5 Campers really are happier!Page 6-7Bringing families closer togetherPage 8-9 Pitches on prescription - just what the doctor ordered!Page 10-11 Campsite as a classroom - where it's fun to learn Page 12-13 A richer form of social networkingPage 14-15 How to Get Rich QuickThe fi ndings in our Real Richness report are based on a review of research into the psychological and social benefi ts of camping. This was undertaken by leading academics in the fi eld of Outdoor Education at Liverpool John Moores University and an online survey amongst 1,000 adults and 500 children aged 7-11 who camp and 1,000 adults and 500 children aged 7-11 who have never camped. The research took place in February 2011. Throughout this report we use 'campers' as a generic term for anyone who regularly camps in a tent, caravan, motorhome or trailer tent.ContentsIn today's materially obsessed world, it seems strange to see the word 'Rich' associated with camping. After all, isn't camping just a cheap holiday option in tough economic times? But at The Camping and Caravanning Club, we've learned that being rich isn't only about money. Just ask anyone who goes camping about the 'money can't buy' experiences they have on every trip. How it's a priceless chance to get closer to nature - and back in touch with who you really are. How working together to pitch the tent and cook the food brings families closer together in a way that everyday life can't. And how there's a genuine sense of community that modern forms of 'social networking' can't replace.We think it's a truer kind of wealth. Because it's not about how much stu you've got; it's about how happy you feel. See for yourself by taking part in The Big Pitch, our nationwide experiment to prove that camping really does make you feel richer in mind, body and soul. Find out how to apply for one of 1,500 free pitches on page 15.Matthew EastlakeMarketing and CommunicationsDirector, The Camping and Caravanning Club, with daughter ClaraWelcome'richness'How we discoveredPersonally, I like the camp so much better than the hotel which I could aΠord. Apart from the economy of camping, it is a real luxury in its freedom, and with one or two campers, incontestably Real Richness...3