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75Top 5Camping really is good for youwellbeing giving properties of camping - according to campersCampers are more likely to regard themselves as having a higher than average fi tness for their age compared with non-campersCampers are also more likely to see themselves as being active and healthy for their age compared with non-campers1 in 4 campers think that camping is a great way to lose weight!For me, it defi nitely chills me out and I fi nd it's a great way to switch oΠfrom my manic schedule. I can't wait to get my growing family into the camping habit and introduce them to all the joys and fun it brings.Ben Fogle, TV PresenterI rediscovered the joys of camping in my 40s. Within months my health improved as I began to enjoy a better work/life balance and my business improved too. My outlook on life is so much more positive now.Alison EdwardsMember No.357195% say it recharges your batteries384% say it's good for a child's health578% say it makes you fi tter289% say it relieves stress484% say it improves mental healthCharmouth Club Site9

Meet the Rich KidsOur study shows that camping doesn't just have its benefi ts for adults. 87% of kids who camp say camping in the countryside makes them feel really happy. Interestingly, 73% of adults say camping is something every child should experience and 59% of campers say it should be on the national curriculum!Campsite as a classroom- where it's fun to learnA recent study conducted by Natural England2 found that children spend 60% less time out and about than their parents did at the same age...and even less time in the outdoors. There is much evidence to link this to growing childhood obesity levels, more time spent with video games and a growing disconnection with nature. And yet, our research has shown that a staggering 91% of children say that spending time in the outdoors with their parents would make them happy. There are a number of studies that have looked at the impact of outdoor experiences and particularly camping on children, and there is much evidence to show that not only can it improve a child's behaviour, but it can also make them more attentive and interested in the world around well as encouraging greater levels of physical activity.For those campers with children, one of the most important meanings for them was being able to teach their kids new skills. Teaching children how to improvise, play and 'make-do' was an important part of developing their children's perspective on life. It showed them that they don't need all of the creature comforts of home in order to have fun.Campers agree that immersing kids within nature makes them richer. 88% say it's something that every childshould experience. 84% say that it's good for a child's health. 66% say it's important for achild's development. 59% say that it should beon the curriculum. 45% say it improves a child's behaviourCharmouth Club Site10Get rich quick at