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Carbon Steel Wooden Shaft Border Fork 314641 AWCS20Wooden shaft.Bent forward YD handle.Carbon steel tines.Length:94cmCarbon Steel Wooden Shaft Border Spade 314579 AWCS15Wooden shaft.Bent forward YD handle.Carbon steel blade and footplate.Length:94cmCarbon Steel Wooden Shaft Digging Fork 314635 AWCS10Wooden shaft.Bent forward YD handle.Carbon steel tines.Length:99cm Carbon Steel Wooden Shaft Digging Spade 314527 AWCS5Wooden shaft.Bent forward YD handle.Carbon steel blade and footplate.Length:99cmGUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARSOur range of traditional wooden shaft garden tools all have toughened carbon steel heads for extra strength and durability. Carbon Steel tools'Traditional but tough'PVC 'YD' shape handles on our spades and forks can reduce fatigue and back ache. Perfect for everyday use, with a 2 year guarantee, these tools are a welcome addition to any budding gardeners armoury.18cm29cm18cm28cm15cm24cm15cm24cmAll digging spades in the range have a carbon steel footplate for added protection and for practicality. Bent forward YD handle on all spades and forks gives extra support when using the product.08For more information, visit us at:

Carbon Steel Wooden Handle 3 Prong Cultivator 312255 AWCS45Long wooden handle.Carbon steel prongs. Length:138cmGUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARSCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Dutch Hoe 312252 AWCS35Long wooden handle.Carbon steel head.Length:138cmCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Edging Iron 312254 AWCS40Wooden handle.Carbon steel head.Length:92cmCarbon Steel toolsSpades, forks, rakes, hoes and cultivators.Top tip from the allotment.Try spraying your tools with silicone lubricating spray. Not only will it prevent from rust, it will keep even the stickiest soil or clay from sticking to the blade or tines.Digging should only be done when the soil is reasonably dry, never when it is wet enough to stick to the soles of your boots. If too wet, the soil becomes compacted,which ruins its structure and defeats the whole object of digging.Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Garden Rake 312251 AWCS30Long wooden handle.12 carbon steel teeth.Length:132cmCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Lawn Rake 312250 AWCS25Long wooden handle.16 carbon steel tines.Length:166cmFor more information, visit us at: