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Carbon Steel Wooden Handle 3 Prong Cultivator 312255 AWCS45Long wooden handle.Carbon steel prongs. Length:138cmGUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARSCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Dutch Hoe 312252 AWCS35Long wooden handle.Carbon steel head.Length:138cmCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Edging Iron 312254 AWCS40Wooden handle.Carbon steel head.Length:92cmCarbon Steel toolsSpades, forks, rakes, hoes and cultivators.Top tip from the allotment.Try spraying your tools with silicone lubricating spray. Not only will it prevent from rust, it will keep even the stickiest soil or clay from sticking to the blade or tines.Digging should only be done when the soil is reasonably dry, never when it is wet enough to stick to the soles of your boots. If too wet, the soil becomes compacted,which ruins its structure and defeats the whole object of digging.Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Garden Rake 312251 AWCS30Long wooden handle.12 carbon steel teeth.Length:132cmCarbon Steel Wooden Handle Lawn Rake 312250 AWCS25Long wooden handle.16 carbon steel tines.Length:166cmFor more information, visit us at:

Carbon Steel Hand Trowel 312257 AWCS50Carbon steel head.Varnished wooden handle.Ideal for borders,bedding and planting specimens that are too small for a spade.Carbon Steel Weeding Knife 312260 AWCS65Carbon steel blade.Varnished wooden handle.Easily removes weeds and moss from between paving.Carbon Steel Daisy Grubber 312264 AWCS80Carbon steel prong.Varnished wooden handle.Easily removes deep weeds.Carbon Steel Deep Root Weeder 312261 AWCS70Carbon steel head.Varnished wooden handle.Easily removes deep weeds.Carbon Steel 3 Prong Cultivator 312263 AWCS75Carbon steel prongs.Varnished wooden handle.Suitable for cultivating surface soil up to 3 inches.Carbon Steel Hand Fork 312258 AWCS55Carbon steel prongs.Varnished wooden handle.Ideal for tough cultivating, bordering and for container gardening.Carbon Steel Hand Transplanter 312259 AWCS60Carbon steel head.Varnished wooden handle.Measuring gauge ensures correct planting depth is reached.GUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARSCarbon Steel toolsTrowel, fork, transplanter, weeding knife, weeder, cultivator and daisy grubber.Top tip from the allotment.Spent coffee grounds spread around a line of emerging seedlings or a new plant will keep the slugs off as they hate caffeine. It causes the slugs to produce an excess of slime, which immediately dries them out and prevents them from moving onto, and then eating, your plants. Mice and squirrels love bulbs, so cover the pots or the area just planted with chicken wire, to prevent them from being dug up and eaten.Don't worry about ants in pots. They may disturb the roots if they build their nests in pots, but they won't kill the plants.10AmbassadorFor more information, visit us at: