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3THE CHALLENGE // YOUR PROGRAMMEWe will provide all specialist equipment, so you only need to bring personal belongings and footwear. The list below is just a suggestion of what is required - please do not buy anything especially for The Challenge. If you have any questions, please do contact us.CLOTHING (A GUIDE). T-shirts. Sweatshirts or jumpers. Extra T-shirts or thermal tops. Your 'The Challenge' hoodie (if you have not received one it will be given to you at the start of The Challenge). Warm tops (ideally fl eece). Thick and thin socks for walking. Trousers for walking (not jeans). Jeans. 2 pairs of trainers (one that can get wet). Underwear. Pyjamas. Sunhat. Swimwear (You will not be made to swim or wear a swimming costume if you do not wish to)MAXIMUM LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE. 1 large bag (e.g. suitcase, wheeled case, etc.). 1 day-bag (e.g. small rucksack)Please do not bring more than this as it will have to be left behind.MOBILE PHONESYou are allowed to bring your mobile phone and will be able to use it when activities are not taking place.Mobile phone use during activity time is not allowed. Please note that there may not be much or any mobile phone reception this week, as you will be in the countryside.OTHER ESSENTIALS. A packed lunch for eating during the journey on the fi rst day. Day-bag (e.g. small rucksack). Waterproof jacket (if you have one). Torch or head torch (if you have one). Bottle for drinking water. Towel. Toiletries: soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.. Prescribed medication (if needed) with written description of how it should be taken. Sun creamNON-ESSENTIALS. Notepad and pen. Sunglasses. Blister kit. Camera. Gloves. Insect repellent. Books or magazines. Painkillers. Money (£10 max). You do not need any money as everything is provided. However there may be occasions when you can buy sweets, chocolate, etc. if you want