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As you make your way through the frosty night to your Christmas party, deep within the beating heart of London's Battersea Park nestled beneath moon dappled trees and a blanket of stars, you will find an oasis of warmth. Having disposed of your hats and coats at the door, you follow your friends and colleagues beneath huge velvet drapes to reveal a vibrant and buzzing bar culture, lit by a dreamlike glow of shimmering golds and warm candlelight. From the moment you enter, an overwhelming sense of decadence surrounds you. Welcome to Ce Soir.a rich, happening avant-garde club, oozing hedonistic glamour; a place where the boundaries are pushed and explored.Guests feast on delicious canap├ęs, ice cold Champagne and the sight of beautiful fun loving people. Whether your preference is for high octane shots, fine wines or warming winter cocktails, every taste and whim is catered for here. High above, a girl covered from head to toe in coloured feathers and jewels sits elegantly in her sparkling bird cage, scattering ruby red petals on guests below. Beautiful dancers dressed in sky high top hats, provocative black leathers and pearls take to the central plinth where they gyrate; raising the tempo and setting the scene for the raucous evening ahead.As the magnificent voile is swept away and a haze clears, the dining room is revealed in its full splendour and guests take their seats at the exquisite candle lit tables - an enchanting setting in which to start your Christmas celebrations. Course after course of sumptuous cuisine is served to your table; a feast of freshly baked breads, succulent meats and delicious desserts. From the central dance floor, the irresistible charms of the female hostess cast a spell and Ce Soir comes to life with a decadent twist; silver spikes and electric blue punk is mixed effortlessly with delicate ballerinas and soft ruffles. High above, aerialists with dark eyes and crimson lips sway Ce Soir battersea // 2011It's the most important night of the year as your eagerly awaited Christmas party is about to commence!10// ce rsoice

rsoice rsoi //11