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121 Mirrorspure elementsHollywood. Unique clear border. Can be mounted landscape or portrait. 38 Long life LED's - 60,000 hours of continuous use. Easy to install. IP44* rated . Infrared switch. De-mister padH800 x W600 x 40mm RPR102 £319Vegas. Ambient light at base to illuminate basin/tap. Portrait mounted only. 30 Long life LED's - 60,000 hours of continuous use. Easy to install. IP44* rated . Infrared switch. De-mister padH650 x W450 x 40mm RPR100 £299Aztec. Can be mounted landscape or portrait. Easy to install. IP44* rated . Infrared switch. De-mister padH800 x W600 x 45mm RPR104 £299Saturn. Can be mounted landscape or portrait. Easy to install. IP44* rated . Infrared switch. De-mister padH600 x W600 x 45mm RPR106 £249Designer Illuminating MirrorsOur range of designer illuminating mirrors will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Combining style with practicality, each mirror contains the latest technology to ensure your bathroom is at the cutting edge of design.All mirrors incorporate an infrared 'no touch' switch for safety and ease of use. Simply move your hand in front of the sensor to activate the lights. Made from 5mm PVC backed safety glass and are IP44* water resistant rated for your safety and peace of mind. The internal de-mister pad ensures that the mirrors do not steam up.* IP44 water resistant rated - mirrors have been tested for compliance with electrical equipment (safety) regulations but cannot be used in direct contact with running water. See technical specifications for further information. 400

All about enclosures... Shower enclosures are fast becoming the must have fixture in any modern bathroom and have evolved over recent years to offer a large array of installation options. Our designers have searched the world to bring you a range of enclosures that will surely meet your aspirations, from the luxury of designer chic to the clean and simple, all meeting the demands of modern life.122Installation TypesIt is important to understand the type of installation that best suits your room.Recess SolutionThe door is installed between 3 existing walls (alcove). When choosing your door, ensure that it is suitable and wide enough to fit in the recess.Corner SolutionThe preferred method in the majority of UK bathrooms. There are two solutions for this type of installation; with the addition of a side panel, the vast majority of doors can be made suitable for a corner solution whilst a Quadrant enclosure is purposely designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room.To help you choose the right enclosure for you, below is a quick reference guide of the most popular options to get you started:Pivot DoorThe pivot door is the most popular type in the UK. A pivot door swings outwards from the frame. As the door opens into the room, be aware of the surrounding area which will need to be clear of obstructions. Bifold/Inslide DoorOffering the perfect solution when space is limited these doors cleverly open inwards creating more usable space outside the enclosure for the rest of your bathroom suite.Sliding DoorA popular choice for larger bathrooms, with sizes typically starting from 1200mm wide, although smaller sizes are available within our range. Two key advantages are the large luxurious showering area combined with a space conscious sliding door that does not encroach into the surrounding area. Quadrant EnclosureProviding plenty of showering area without being too imposing, the quadrant sits neatly in the corner of the room, with the option of sliding or pivot doors. The sliding door is the more popular option in areas where space is at a premium.Key FeaturesOther key features to look out for when choosing your ideal shower enclosure are listed below:Quick release doorsA feature that is available on sliding doors to make cleaning quick and easy. The doors are unclipped at the base of the enclosure for effortless access.Wet room compatibleThis means that the enclosures can be fitted with or withouta tray and is suitable to install directly onto the floor creating an ultra modern wetroom look.AdjustmentsAdjustments in the frame of the enclosure are provided to ensure that the installation will go as smoothly as possible.The adjustment of a frame takes into account uneven walls and the tray fitting to ensure a seamless fit is achieved every time.Door ClosedDoor OpenDoor ClosedDoor OpenDoor ClosedDoor Openpure elements