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Professional digital recording & playbackField RecordingBusiness ConferenceBoardroom & Portable Recorders05. PMD620Handheld Digital Audio Recorder06. PMD661Professional Compact Digital Audio Recorder07. PMD671Professional 24-bit/96kHz Digital Audio Recorder 08. CDR310Professional Portable CD Audio Recorder09. AccessoriesPortable Digital RecorderRackmount Recorders11. PMD580Rackmount Installation Digital Audio Recorder/PlayerIntroductionFor many years, Marantz Professional has providedthe professional solution for audio acquisition. Asfamiliar in the broadcast, commercial installationand corporate markets as it is in education, legal andprofessional audio, Marantz Professional continuesto supply its customers with the latest in high-quality digital audio acquisition technology. Fromthe smallest broadcast-quality portable recorders tofully automated, network-connected recorders,Marantz Professional continues to lead the way intechnology and design, creating benchmarkproducts for the 21st century.