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PMD671Professional 24-bit/96kHz Digital Audio RecorderFeatures. Record directly to compact flash cards . One-touch record . MP3, MP2, WAV, and BWF formats . 16-96kHz sample rate selections 16-384bit rate selectable . Digital IN/OUT, Analog IN/OUT . Balanced XLR mic inputs. +48V phantom power. USB (2.0) . Read after write monitor . Shift time playback . Monitoring without REC-MUTE. Optional NiCad and NiMh batteries (rechargeable on-board). EDL marker functionMarantz Professional's PMD671 for one-touch, non-stop,PC-compatible recording. This solid state device canrecord audio files to affordable and widely availableMicrodrives or Compact Flash cards with just the flick of aswitch. Designed for compatibility with MP3, MP2, BWFand WAV formats, the PMD671 boasts an impressive 40assignable quality settings as well as a File AllocationTable (FAT32) for future multi-gigabyte file capability.Features include: non-stop recording with 6 hours ofbattery life; menu-driven remote operation; and an EDLmarking system for creating new files on-the-fly duringrecordings for easy file selection during playback.Simple OperationWith the flick of a switch, users can record audio files toaffordable and widely available microdrives or compactflash cards. Transfer Audio Files to PCA table-top portable model, the PMD671 features acomputer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linkedfor rapid file transfer.Users can drag and drop recorded audio files to theircomputer's hard drive in minutes-without the real-time delay disadvantages of cassette, mini disc, orDAT recording.Portable06-07 Portable CD Audio RecorderFeatures. Digital hard disc recording in a variety of formats . Instant CD burning . Convenience and portability with one-touch record operation . Flexible record modes - Pre-Record, Background Record, Silent Skip, . Adjustable Auto Track . Professional hardware from input to outputMarantz is taking CD recording to the next level with theCDR310, the first truly portable, affordable CD-based fieldrecorder. Whether for documentation, duplication, orarchiving, audio CDs promote confidence through theirpermanence and universality. While digital recording andCD burning have been commonplace for several years,existing hardware has lacked the go-anywhere flexibilityand ease of use that users have come to expect in thedigital age. The CDR310 has changed all that. The CDR310frees the user from the constraints of system-basedsolutions, delivering the same great recording quality inportable field capture as it does in permanentinstallations. With an on-board hard drive, the compact,lightweight CDR310 records high quality 16-bit audio inCD-DA, WAV, AIFF or MP3 file formats, then can burn a CDinstantly, on location. Best of all, the CDR310 has batteryoperation capability so you can take it anywhere.Portable