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PMD620Handheld Digital Audio RecorderFeatures. Handheld portability, compact rugged design. Single handed operation and one-touch recording. User configurable, high contrast OLED display. Solid State SD and SDHC card recording media. Selectable stereo / mono / .WAV / MP3 recording. Selectable 16 bit and 24 bit recording depths, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHzsample rates, and six MP3 bit rates from 192 kbps to 32 kbps. Professional recording, editing and playback features. Integrated stereo condenser microphone array. Mic and line level external inputs. Internal playback speaker. USB 2.0 connectivity to PC, for drag and drop file exchange. Power from two AA cells typically provides 5 hours operationThe Marantz PMD620 is a high performance handhelddigital recorder that records to SD flashcard media ineither PCM (.WAV) or MP3 audio formats. The light weightcompact form (just 62 x 102 x 25 mm), ergonomic designand ease of operation recommend the PMD620 to a widerange of users, including journalists, reporters,programme makers, podcasters, musicians and soundrecordists everywhere. Features include an inbuilt stereo condenser microphonearray for 'point and shoot recording', and an intuitivecontrol surface for single handed operation, with thumboperated transport wheel and tactile, red illuminating,record button. A high contrast, low power draw organicLED (OLED) screen provides vivid display of menus whichguide the user through the optimum set up andoperation for their application. Recording settings are selectable between those for highquality music recording to extended voice recording. The use of SD cards, the most stable and commonlyavailable type of flash media, includes support for SDHC(SD High Capacity) cards, with recording file size limitedonly by card capacity. Recording time with a 4 GB cardextends from 3 hrs 44 mins for stereo PCM at 24-bit / 48kHz, to 283 hrs 44 mins - almost 12 days - for mono MP3at 32 kbps. Journalists and podcasters will appreciate the PMD620'snon-destructive onboard editing, with non-destructivecut-and-paste 'Copy Segment' editing to create newsound files. Transcription is simple with the Skip Backfunction, and file transfers to any computer are drag-and-drop via the USB 2.0 connectivity.Handheld04-05