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02-03The simplicity of digital recordingRecordDigital quality & consistency Say goodbye to tape recorders. Whatever you choose to record,the easiest way to do it is digitally. Whether it's a meeting, aninterview, or a concert, just push the record button and captureeverything in superb CD-quality audio. It's that simple. Regardless of whether you're recording from an external source orusing a built-in mic, Marantz solid state recorders all work in thesame way - you push the button - it records. Fancy that...SaveDigital capacity & reliability No more flipping tapes over. No more songs or conversations cutin half. No more audio degradation or damaged, stuttering CDs. Using CompactFlash or SD cards, just like the ones in your digitalcamera, you can capture over 3 hours of CD-quality audio - or upto 12 days of mp3 audio! You'll never miss a thing again. Once stored on CompactFlash or SD card your recordings aresecure - there are no moving parts to go wrong and they're lessvulnerable to dust, vibrations and humidity - all those nasty thingsthat can cause problems for other media.ShareDigital flexibility & simplicityWith digital, the days of copying from tape-to-tape are over. Onceyou've finished recording, getting the audio on to your PC or Macis 'Drag & Drop' simple via USB connection - or by inserting yourCompactFlash or SD card into a standard card reader. Because it'sdigital you can transfer the data in seconds - and there's no qualityloss so you'll get a perfect copy every time. Once stored on your computer, the possibilities are endless - and fast. Edit, convert, share via email, publish to a website, burn to CD... it's the quickest, easiest way to prepare, copy anddistribute audio.Our guide to the advantages recording to digital solid state media & Portable Recorders