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i-Dos Meet the world's fi rst precision dosing washing machine.It's all in the dosage i-Dos guarantees perfectly clean clothes because it gets the dose right every single time. Using the correct amount of detergent is the most important factor affecting wash results. Use too little and you can end up with grey-looking whites, stains burnt into clothes as well as a wash that smells unpleasant. Adding too much can cause visible residues on your clothes, increase the risk of skin allergies and lead to water wastage through over rinsing. Two fully automatic programmesAll you need to do is choose from two fully automatic programmes: normal or delicate. i-Dos does the rest: it weighs the load, its sensors gauge how dirty your wash is by probing the water, it introduces extra detergent if necessary during the wash and it decides how long the wash cycle should be. Its sensors can even detect the type of textile in the machine and calibrate the number of rinse cycles and spin duration accordingly.Drawers to manualIt's simple to override i-Dos if you have a special or unusual wash. A third compartment allows you to introduce liquid or powder manually - for special wool or delicates, special shirts programme or a really quick freshen up. Stores enough detergent and softener for up to 20 loadsThere is no need to add detergent every time you use the machine. The two compartments hold enough liquid detergent and fabric softener for up to 20 washes. i-Dos tells you in good time when you need to add more detergent and softener.Savings all roundi-Dos not only saves time it can save up to 7,062 litres of water a year compared to a machine with manual dosing. This is because it eliminates overdosing, which in turn leads to longer wash cycles and unnecessary extra rinsing. It also saves up to 11 litres of detergent per year and cuts down average cycle times by 14 minutes - that's a saving of two full days per year in machine running time.1011Washing and drying

iQDriveUnlike conventional washing machine motors, the heart of the new iQDrive is a brushless, wear-free motor controlled by sophisticatedsolid-state electronics. It's nothing less than the most energy efficient, fastest, quietest and most durable motor we have ever built. In fact, it isso reliable that we provide a 10-year motor guarantee with every appliance fitted with the iQDrive.Siemens innovation for complete laundry care.autoStain Removal SystemGrass, tomato, red wine - all stains are not the same. The groundbreaking autoStain Removal System (ASR) is a world first. This sophisticated technology adapts the wash programme to precisely target and remove 16 of the most stubborn everyday stains, without the need for special detergents or pre-wash treatments. varioPerfectImagine the ability to decide for each wash whether energy saving or a quicker wash is your priority. With varioPerfect you can. Whether you choose the ecoPerfect or speedPerfect option, the result is always perfectly clean laundry.autoLoad PlusSensors precisely weigh the laundry load, and recommend the appropriate detergent dosage. They then go on to monitor and control the amount of energy and water needed for a perfect wash performance.varioPerfectGuaranteeiQDrive motorautoStainremoval1213