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3031Washing and dryingA world fi rst! Uses only air where othersuse water. Did you know that conventional washer dryers use water to dry? To extract the water from wet laundry, the hot, humid air in the dryer has to be cooled down. A traditional washer dryer does this by using lots of cold water. Not so with the Siemens airCondensation washer-dryer: it only uses cold air to cool the hot air, thus saving up to 55 litres of water per drying cycle. And we've now improved the technology even further, achieving an unprecedented 'A' energy rating. ASR Light stain removal system and varioPerfect make this a top-of-the-range appliance, with functions to rival any individual washing machine or dryer. The new iQDrive motor is so quiet and reliable that it comes with a 10-year guarantee.Model shown: WD14H520GBairCondensationGuaranteeiQDrive motor

3233Finally there's a washer dryer that really does combine all the advantages of a state-of-the-art washing machine with those of an efficient airCondensation dryer. It boasts all the innovative features you would expect of a Siemens washing machine, including a host of standard and specialist programmes, like wool handwash, mixed fabrics and the super-quick rapid 15, and featuring the optiWave drum system, which can handle a whole 7kg of washing. But the new Siemens airCondensation washer dryer also features an extremely efficient 'A' rated airCondensation dryer - the only one of its kind in the world. While other washer dryers require water for drying, Siemens airCondensation technology uses air alone.Introducing the next generation ofwasher dryers - with airCondensation technology.A more efficient washer dryerOur new washer dryer not only saves water - it's very energy efficient too. Consuming just 4.76kWh to wash and dry a full wash load, the appliance has an ultra-efficient A rating in the EU energy efficiency scheme. And the self-cleaning condenser system works quietly and automatically to keep it that way.*Based on 1400 rpmFrom dirty to perfectly clean and dry, effortlesslySome things only a washer dryer can do. The washer dryer can wash and dry up to 4kg of laundry non-stopin a single operation. That's the equivalent of 7 pairs of trousers or 18 shirts, carefully and perfectly washed and dried.Load your wash into the drum, switch on the washer dryer and relax. When it's done, remove the clean, cupboard-dry laundry - nothing could be easier or more convenient.Continuous automatic cleaning for constant energy efficiencyTo ensure that the washer dryer stays as efficient as the first time it is used, the condenser must be kept free of the lint and fluff that can gather there. But the machine takes care of that for you. The self-cleaning process takes place automatically after every drying cycle. That means no drop in energy efficiency, and maintenance-free long-term reliability.Intelligent sensor drying - autoDryAll our washer dryers feature autoDry, with sensors that detect the size of the load in the drum at the beginning of the drying phase, and then monitor the moisture in the laundry throughout the cycle. autoDry intelligent logic guarantees exact drying results, protects your laundry against potentially damaging over-drying, and ensures that no energy is wasted.Self cleaningcondenser Best in energyIdeas for greater efficiency