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Durability, reliability, innovation: the new iQDrive. For a washing machine to provide you with years of satisfactory service, all of its parts must be durable and wear-free. That was the reasoning behind the development of a totally new motor concept: a brushless, frictionless and so wear-free magnetic motor controlled by sophisticated solid-state electronics. Presenting the iQDrive, the most economical and the fastest, the quietest and most durable motor we have ever built. Whether you wash 8kg loads just once a week or several times a day, you will be able to rely on your Siemens washing machine with iQDrive for years to come. As a result, we are delighted to provide a 10-year motor and 5-year appliance guarantee on every appliance fitted with iQDrive.GuaranteeiQDriveiQDrive motor14

The magnetic heart of our new washing machines: the iQDrive. The most energy efficient washing machine motor we have ever builtThe carbon brush conductors of a conventional motor are replaced in the iQDrive by a frictionless permanent magnet, which means no energy is lost unnecessarily as heat generated by friction, and the motor remains cool during operation. At the same time, intelligent electronics control the overall temperature profile. As a result, the new Siemens washing machines with iQDrive are very energy efficient indeed. Using as little as 0.13 kWh/kg, they are up to 30% more efficient than required for a European Class A energy rating (0.19 kWh/kg) - even when the drum contains a full 8kg load of laundry.The best performing washing machine motor we have ever builtCapable of comfortably providing a wider range of drum rotation speeds during the wash cycle than a conventional motor, the iQDrive allows for more sensitive as well as more powerful wash programmes. And never have wash cycles and drum movements been controlled more precisely. The perfect combination of high-precision sensors, state-of-the-art electronics and the precisely controllable magnetic forces of the new iQDrive make for a superlative wash performance: better stain removal, better rinse results, and more precisely tailored handling of fabrics, regardless of load.The most durable washing machine motor we have ever built In a conventional motor mechanical friction causes the carbon brush conductors to erode over time, reducing its efficiency. The new brushless iQDrive motor runs almost completely wear-free. And since it can be completely enclosed, no particles of dirt can find their way in to impair performance. That means you can be confident that every wash will be as perfect as the first. Silent as never beforeNow you really can do your laundry at night. Even at the highest spin-speeds, our new washing machines with iQDrive are among the quietest in the world, thanks to high-precision sensors and the automatic stabilization system, the new antiVibration design of the sidewalls and, of course, the smooth-running iQDrive. Best in energyIdeas for greater efficiencyantiVibrationWhisper quietdesign15Washing and drying