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Textile guard What used to require a trip to the dry cleaners can now be done quickly and easily at home. Working with Nikwax, this programme applies a re-proofing treatment to breathable fabrics, prolonging the life of high-quality functional clothing like winter jackets and ski suits. Washing clothes shouldn't be a chore. That's why we offer you a carefully designed range of specialist programmes and options to choose from. Wool handwashRemoving the need for hand washing your favourite woollen items, the programme uses a gentle cradle motion that treats delicate wool and cashmere with the utmost care throughout the wash and rinse cycles, and a special spin-drying process that protects your woollens from felting. Rapid 15, the world's first 15-minute wash cycleIf you have a family, you want to spend time with them - not their dirty laundry. Introducing the world beating Rapid 15 programme. It washes, rinses and spins your lightly soiled clothes in an unbelievable 15 minutes - ideal for families, who tend to produce larger amounts of laundry, or for athletes, who have to wash their sports clothes frequently even when they're not very dirty. Or in fact for anyone who doesn't relish waiting around long for their laundry... With so many different textiles, colours and designs available in the world of fashion, having programmes tailored perfectly to your varying wash loads has never been so important. The new range of wash programmes really does put you in control at the touch of a button. Shirts/Blouses For work or for school, many of us wear shirts on a daily basis. This dedicated programme is designed to wash 7 shirts at a time. It has been specifically created to wash with care, and uses less wash agitation and lower spin speeds to ensure that creasing is kept to a minimum, and so ironing is easier. Rapid 15WoolhandwashprogrammeShirts/BlousesTextile guard2223

LingerieSpecifically designed to care for and protect very delicate fabrics, ensuring the optimum wash results and maximum care for those items worn closest to the skin.CurtainsA programme specially designed to remove all dust particles with a high water level and specific spin profile to prevent creasing. Mixed fabrics Perfect for small quantities of lightly soiled laundry, this programme allows you to mix viscose textiles or synthetic fibres together with cotton items in the same wash. Avoids having to sort the linen, and waiting to accumulate enough laundry of the same type to fill the machine.Easy-care dark A programme designed for lightly soiled dark laundry. The gentle wash action protects the colours, so there is no "bleeding", and the specially optimised spin cycle reduces creasing. An extra rinse cycle ensures thorough removal of the detergent residues that can cause fading.Less ironing optionAt the touch of a button, water will be gently and evenly drained from your wash so that your clothes stay almost crease-free, and the tumbling at the end of the cycle means a lot less ironing - and a lot more free time for you.Extra rinse optionAn extra rinse is available on most programmes, and is kind on especially sensitive skin.Inverse logicMost laundry today is only lightly soiled, and that is why we use inverse logic as our default setting. This reduces the normal washing time by up to 40%. If however the laundry is more heavily soiled then there is an intensive wash option to ensure perfect wash performance.Outdoor wear The extended rinse cycles of the outdoor wear programme ensure complete removal of even the most ground-in dirt, while protecting all your outdoor clothing.Delicates/Silk An especially gentle wash and spin cycle designed to protect silk and fragile items.OutdoorLess ironingLingerie2223Washing and drying