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Detergent recommendation Siemens has tested and recommends using Finish dishwashing products with the new Eco 45 Intensive programme to achieve optimum results. Quantum and Finish All in1 have been especially developed to work effectively at temperatures as low as 45°C. Both products contain unique ingredients, including anti-foaming agents, which achieve sparkling results at low temperatures with all types of loads, from delicate tableware to heavily soiled pots and pans.eco45 IntensivePowerful cleaning that uses less energyIt is well-known that low temperatures are sufficient to get moderately soiled laundry clean. Now it is possible to achieve high energy savings with dishwashers as well. eco45 Intensive - the first programme of its kind in the world - is a unique energy-saving programme developed by Siemens that can clean even heavily soiled plates and casserole dishes at just 45°C. Washing at this lower temperature uses 25% less electricity than the Intensive 70°C programme. Gentle power - ideal for mixed loads eco45 Intensive can take on the toughest pots and pans while at the same time caring for delicate dishes and wine glasses. Its unique ability to cope with mixed loads eliminates the need to split loads into a long intensive wash for really dirty pots and pans and a more gentle wash for glasses and delicate dishes. The result is further savings: in energy, water, and of course, time. 45°eco456465

A carefully designed range of programmes andoptions guarantees great results - and without the wait.Optimal results at the touch of a buttonThe automatic dishwashing cycles from Siemens use the latest sensor technology to optimally clean your dishes; just select from up to three automatic programmes. Choose Auto 45°C - 65°C for a normal wash, Auto 35°C to 45°C for delicates, or auto 65°C - 75°C for an intensive wash. All produce brilliant results, automatically.Quick wash 45ºCThe quick wash 45ºC programme cleans all your dishes in record time, and is even quicker than that with a half-load. powerWash 65°C: brilliant results in 60 minutesThis unique new super-fast programme from Siemens delivers a complete dishwashing cycle, including a drying cycle, in an astonishing 60 minutes. powerWash 65°C does this without compromising on washing or drying quality, delivering sparkling clean and dry dishes and pans in record time, every time. Designed to cope with full loads of tableware of up to 14 place settings it is ideally suited for everyday use as well as special occasions. Perfect for people who need to get the job done quickly.Clean and dry in half the time with varioSpeedMore and more our busy lifestyles demand clean dishes but in less time. That's why we now offer the varioSpeed option across our whole range of dishwashers. Just press the varioSpeed button in conjunction with your desired programme* and it will run up to 50% more quickly, and without compromise on wash quality. That's beautifully clean and dry dishes in up to half the time. *With the exception of the quick wash 45ºC programme.powerWash65°C60 minsQuick reference guide We have noticed that people tend not to refer to instruction manuals. Instead we all tend to use the same programme again and again whatever the contents, sometimes not achieving the results we want. Soiling is always different, so your programme choice should vary depending on the items being washed. That's why Siemens dishwashers now have a quick reference guide on the top edge of the door to help you select the perfect programme for the contents of your dishwasher.Quick washTime saving-50%max.varioSpeed6465Dishwashing