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Model shown: WM14P360GBA world exclusive: The optiWave drum system. The uniquely sculptured paddles and contoured stainless steel drum surface deliver a powerful yet gentle wash performance. The asymmetry of the paddles and droplet structure of the drumsurface are used either to reinforce or soften the mechanical drum action, with the steep sides generating powerful forces for heavy-duty work, and the shallow sides allowing your clothes to slide gently around the drum. Better laundry circulation means quicker wash cycles, and great wash results. And with plenty of room for movement inside the drum there is minimal creasing, which means less ironing, too.optiWavedrum2021

As you'd expect, our machines take full advantage of the latest advances in technology and innovation. Discover one of the largest drums on the market in a standard-sized washing machineThe spacious drum in the new generation of Siemens washing machines copes with larger loads, and so means less frequent washes. The 65 litre capacity is also ideal for larger bulky items like blankets, bed-spreads, duvets, curtains - even those unwieldy, down-filled ski jackets. And all within a machine that will slide comfortably into a standard under-the-counter gap.Weighing-up a perfect wash performanceOn machines that feature the autoLoad Plus system, a load sensor weighs the laundry as you load the machine, displaying on the screen the quantity of laundry already added, along with how much more you can add. The screen even indicates the recommended detergent dosage to use for the load, so you need never add more detergent than you need. That saves on detergent, but also minimises the amount of rinsing required - saving energy, water and caring for your laundry.Capacity1-8The reload functionLeft out a sock? The reload button will safely pause the wash cycle so that you can add that small item that got away.autoLoadAll Siemens washing machines feature the autoLoad system, which automatically tailors the wash programme to suit the size of the load, optimizing energy and water usage. So there's no need for a half load button. Just select your programme of choice and press start.The self-cleaning detergent dispenserThe detergent dispenser is cleaned automatically, saving you from the annoying chore of removing leftover detergent at the end of the wash.Intelligent water in-flow: rainFlow The rainFlow system quickly soaks the laundry, eliminating the dry friction within the drum that could otherwise damage delicate fabrics. Sensors ensure that no more water is used than is absolutely required, and improve the distribution of water and detergent throughout the clothes.Dynamic laundry distribution The new door window is specially shaped to allow your clothes to glide gently back to the centre of the drum - exactly where the cleaning process occurs. Laundry is distributed more evenly throughout the drum, and wash cycles finish faster. 2021Washing and drying