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Siemens innovation for complete laundry care.The softDry drum system, the first of its kind in the world Soft paddles with wave-like contours stir the warm air while the specially contoured drum surface provides a protective cushion of air for your laundry. Best in energyIdeas for greater efficiencySiemens unique self-cleaning system for constant energy efficiencyOur top of the range condenser tumble dryer is a real world-beater. This innovative heat pump dryer has a class A energy efficiency label. But all class A dryers are not alike. Our dryer uses up to 50% less energy than required for a class A rating. That's only half as much energy as a standard class A dryer. But what makes it really unique, right across the world, is that it stays that way for its entire working life. Sensor dryingAll Siemens tumble dryers feature sensor-controlled drying, which means uniform drying results, protection from "over-drying", and that neither energy nor your time is wasted.The Rapid 40 drying programme Washing laundered with the Rapid 15* wash programme is perfectly dry in only 40 minutes, thanks to optimized temperature control and a customized cool-down phase. *See p13 for more information on the Rapid 15 wash programme.The quietest tumble dryers in the world Thanks to its special sound insulation, the new generation of Siemens tumble dryers hold the world record for whisper-quiet operation.Self cleaningcondensersoftDryingsystemA brand new technology: activeSteamPresenting our new 8kg capacity dryer with activeSteam. Not only expert at drying your laundry quickly and gently, it can also steam away creases, and even freshen-up your "dry clean only", saving you trips to the dry cleaners.activeSteamtechnologyRapid 40Whisper quiet4041

The world's most energy effi cientcondenser dryer stays just as effi cient for life.Up to 50% more efficient than required for an EU energy efficiency class A rating Our new tumble dryer is as much as 20% more efficient than any other heat pump condenser dryer on the market. It is also up to 50% more efficient than required for an energy efficiency class A rating, using up to 56% less energy than conventional energy efficiency class B condenser dryers. That's kind on the environment, and great for your pocket.Automatic self-cleaning for constant energy efficiency You can count on an dryer to maintain its low energy use throughout its entire service life, thanks to the innovative technology inside. Our unique automatic self-cleaning condenser system keeps the condenser lint-free, so that the dryer is always running at peak efficiency. Energy use is extremely low, and it stays that way throughout the lifetime of the appliance.Introducing the unique Siemens automatic self-cleaning system Every condenser dryer has a condenser or heat exchanger. Over time, it gets clogged up with lint and fluff from clothes and fabrics. If the heat exchanger is not cleaned regularly to remove this build-up, the machine's energy consumption rate quickly rises, and its energy rating collapses, dropping from A to B and even to D. Our dryer however keeps itself lint-free automatically. Every time the dryer is used, the water extracted from the drying clothes is filtered, and then used to flush out and clean the heat exchanger unit. Self cleaningcondenserwith automatic self cleaning systemIrregular cleaning of the heat exchanger leads to increased energy consumption.CBADOther 'A' label dryersWT46W567GB tumble dryer withautomatic self-cleaning system"A" label dryers where the heat exchanger has not been cleaned.EnergylabelNumber ofdrying cycles 5 10 15 20Energy consumption1. Lint and fluff2. Water filtering3. Self-cleaning Best in energyIdeas for greater efficiencyHeat exchanger is cleaned automatically several times during drying cycle4041Washing and drying