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Page 20 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com LIFE is a Sport - LIVE every day. Reaction Belt The ultimate tool for multi directional footwork drills! An adjustable belt fits around the athlete's waist, with an 8' strap connected by velcro at the ends of each strap. The goal of the lead runner is to gain one step on the trail runner and break the velcro connection. The goal of the trail runner is to read and react to the lead runner's changes in speed and direction, to stay close, and not let the connection break. Twist athletes complete face to face shadowing drills for lateral movement, multi direction ability, stopping speed, and reaction skills. Excellent for chase drills to teach athletes the value of deceptive shifts in speed for one- on- one tactics and to practice tight turns. learn train equip twist Agility Slingshot T Continuously, alternate overspeed passing and resistance running. A SMART Toner T safety elastic is attached to two swivel belts, allowing athletes to pass one another. Once the elastic is stretched it places the trailing runner in an overspeed condition, accelerating the trailing runner past the lead runner. Once in the lead, runner is now powering forward in a resisted condition. Also great for partner resisted lateral and forward lunges and single leg squats! 4' SMART Toner T with 2- swivel belts. learn train equip

Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 21 Reaction Ball Multi- colour ball is easy to follow, and bounces great! An odd shaped ball with 6 protrusions create very unpredictable bounces. The Reaction Ball teaches athletes to stay low and use the hips, legs and footwork for agility and first step quickness. Random bounce patterns excellent for hand- eye coordination. Bounce off the floor, off of walls and use for many fun partner games as well. Develop lightning reaction skills. learn train equip Aeroskip Speedrope Aeroskip ® Professional Gold Speedrope far outperforms and outlasts even the most expensive professional leather rope and is designed for maximum performance on virtually every surface. Constantly lubricated washer provides for a friction free rotation. Fully adjustable. Available in Red or Black. learn train equip Agility, Quickness & Reactivity ( from the Twist Sport Conditioning DVD Series) Optimal performance is dependent on effective and efficient movement. Theory, drills, and teaching progressions for speed, agility and quickness training for youth, weekend warriors, and elite athlete alike, are covered in this comprehensive DVD. Single leg, double leg, acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements, stride power, vertical jump and many other movement patterns! learn train equip Twist Agility Resources: Agility Cones ( from the Twist Sport Conditioning DVD Series) High Tempo, Exciting, Challenging Agility Drills builds competitive spirit and motivates athletes to work hard! Ready to implement in practice or before competition, these drills activate multiple athletes helping build agility and Speed using basic to complex movement configurations. Competition + Play = Hard Work + Fun!. Equipment Utilized: Agility Cones. learn train equip Ladders & Hurdles ( from the Twist Sport Conditioning DVD Series) Sport requires that athletes have fast feet, coordination, agility, speed and the ability to change direction quickly. Training athletes with ladders and hurdles is efficient and effective as well as mobile. Build great movement patterns to challenge your athletes using this progressive collection of drills. Equipment Utilized: Flat Rung Agility Ladder, Micro Hurdles. learn train equip