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Page 28 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com Lateral Speed Developer T Improve your stop and start ability and lateral movement. Most game braking plays are initiated by an explosive direction change requiring a rapid stop- start or a quick lateral movement. The ability to generate explosive actions, to think and react, and to coordinate complex motor skills, all while under fatigue is rarely trained and extremely valuable. Great for one- on- one stop and start shadowing drills. Teach your athletes to be skilful, fast and coordinated when fatigued. Also a valuable tool to correct strength imbalances through the hip abductors and rotators. Includes 2 neoprene padded ankle cuffs attached by a 7" SMART Toner T safety sleeve elastic. Available in Intermediate and Advanced resistance levels. learn train equip twist Strength & Power Explosive Skills T Build sport- specific strength by rehearsing explosive sport skills. Attach to ankle for leg movement patterns, or to wrist for throwing and swinging actions. Can also be attached to baseball bat, hockey stick, or other sports equipment to develop power by replicating sport- specific movements. The six foot SMART Toner T safety elastic stretches to 18 feet to allow full follow through. learn train equip

Dual Resistance Trainer Develop stride power and anaerobic conditioning in the lead position and strong eccentric leg strength in the trail position. A 10' long strap attaches both athletes together. The back runner provides the resistance. The belts are also designed to allow the athletes to rotate and switch positions ( trail becomes lead in opposite direction) without making any belt adjustments. Athletes can immediately begin in the opposite direction! Works well on- ice, on- court or on- field. The belt is designed to allow the lead runner to move forwards, sideways or backwards under resistance while the trailing runner can always face the lead in order to apply effective braking action. This is an economical and efficient way to help build powerful legs and train 2 athletes simultaneously. Harness consist in a 10' long strap with 3' loops at each end. learn train equip « Today I will give everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever » Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 29