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. Complete Core . Dynamic Balance . Strength and Power . Speed and Agility Turbo charge your training and maximize your results with ready to use workouts that build athleticism in all types of athletes. Performance improvements guaranteed in balance, core, strength as well as speed, agility and quickness - over 200 exercises with pictures, coaching cues and built in progressions give you all the necessary ingredients to create powerful and exciting workouts that deliver results. Keep your competitive edge, build your revenue stream, strengthen retention, grow referrals and fuel your passion for training with this world class workout design system. Crank out exciting cutting edge workouts with all 4 of the Twist Training Systems. Highlights . Over 70 exercises . Mix and match to create endless workouts . Built in progressions . Ready to use - easy to implement . Deliver Results for athletes of all abilities Page 56 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com twist Education Twist Training System Twist Strength & Power Training System Activate multiple muscle layers that train the entire body as a unit to ignite maximum gains in muscle development and elevate caloric expenditure using complex and unique strength progressions. learn train equip Twist Complete Core Training System Create valuable standing core development using diverse exercises that train the full range of core stability, endurance and rotary power to drive performance from the inside out. learn train equip Twist Speed and Agility Training System Awaken a youthful sense of play and develop instant readiness to meet various demands for quick reaction, fast feet and high energy movement using this versatile collection of skills and drills. learn train equip Twist Dynamic Balance Training System Enhance body awareness, posture and precise body control by implementing dynamic balance challenge progressions and watch athletic confidence explode. learn train equip " Twist Training gives all athletes a performance edge. Enhanced mind to muscle communication drives the development of all the physical tools needed to play at full speed." Strength & Power 1 Complete Core 2 Speed & 3Agility Dynamic Balance 4

Twist Professional Development Days Twist Conditioning has packaged our recipe for training athletes into a variety of professional development lectures and practical workshops designed to invigorate, refresh, and stimulate teachers and coaches. Each workshop focuses on developing the secondary fitness characteristics of anaerobic energetics, dynamic balance, speed, agility, quickness, movement skills, muscle reactivity, reaction skills, multi joint strength and power, and rotary core strength. The Twist Sport Conditioning Paradigm is transferable to many populations, including youth and school curriculum, incorporating many of the emerging trends in the fitness and sport industry. learn more Twist Sport Performance Summit Powerful - Join the Twist Team and immerse yourself in an event dedicated to helping improve your sport conditioning and functional fitness knowledge and practical training. Accelerate - Your knowledge, experience and marketing edge when you gain new ideas, innovative training tools, networking opportunities. Strengthen - Your sport conditioning toolbox with great savings on Twist products and education to keep you on the cutting edge all year long. learn more Twist Conference Presentations The Twist Master Coach Presenter Team is comprised of Industry leading Sport Conditioning Coaches with National, Professional and Olympic level experience. Each educator on the team has diverse sport backgrounds, teaching styles, and areas of specializations to allow us to provide you with a presenter who will be a great fit for your educational needs. Twist's Conference sessions focus on the development of SMART Muscles T and are a great fit for Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Teachers, Sport Coaches, and Allied Health Professionals. learn more Twist Sport Conditioning Workshops Join the Twist team of coaches and educators for a series of 2 hour workshops designed to provide you with the essentials of sport conditioning. These workshops serves as great continuing education events for clubs, sport associations, and professional development days. A main focus of the Twist Education Team is to share their passion for sport conditioning through live workshops so that individuals all over the world are able to pursue sport conditioning success with athletes of all ages and abilities. learn more LEARN: World- Class Opportunities From Twist: Twist Sport Conditioning plays a major role in providing a wide range of innovative sport conditioning educational opportunities for Sport Conditioning Coaches, Sport Coaches, Athletes, Parents, Teachers / Teacher Coaches, Rehabilitation Professionals, Emergency Services Professionals... Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 57