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Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 9 BOSU ® Ballast Ball T The BOSU ® Ballast Ball T opens the door to exercise progressions and dynamic drills that you simply can't perform with a regular ball. BOSU ® Ballast Ball T Introducing the BOSU ® Ballast Ball T . It stays put and won't wander around the gym. You can easily stack multiple BOSU ® Ballast Balls T on top of each other, so gone are the days of unsightly storage contraptions. The BOSU ® Ballast Ball T includes foot pump and workout DVD. learn train equip Balance Pods A fun and creative way to improve balance. These air filled pods are made of firm plastic making them perfect for beginners. Arrange in any position and jump, hop, or walk from one to another. Start by using flat side down, then progress to round side down. learn train equip