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Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 53 Sport Core T This digital learning course utilizes cutting- edge theory and practical information developed by sport conditioning industry innovator Peter Twist to help you understand and apply the principles of stability and rotary power into your training design. The core is best developed with a focus on whole body closed kinetic chain stability and rotary power to create a center for movement and force transfer. For dynamic performance and injury prevention, your core stabilizes to allow powerful leg and arm actions, leads into turns, absorbs stopping actions and regulates balance. Using the BOSU Balance Trainer T , Medicine Balls, Twist Smart Toner T , free weights and Stability balls. Includes: Workbook, Sport Core DVD, Online Quiz and Certificate. learn train equip Sport Strength T - Legs & Shoulders T Learn a state of the art sport strength training program by completing this digital learning course designed by sport conditioning veteran coach, Peter Twist. Success in sport and in life movement requires the ability to transfer force from the legs through the core to the upper body seamlessly. With a focus on training integrated movement, you will study from a comprehensive workbook and DVD combination to learn how to incorporate both movement and balance into your training methodology. The result will be the development of a stronger, smarter body by using the Linked Strength T system for the Legs and Shoulders. Includes: Workbook, Linked Sport Strength T Legs and Shoulders DVD, Online Quiz and Certificate. learn train equip Sport Strength T - Chest & Back T Study with expert sport conditioning coach, Peter Twist to learn how to design programs using this integrated approach to developing strength. Sport and life movements occur in an unpredictable environment and in order to respond effectively we need to be able to transfer force from the legs through the core to the upper body. Follow this progressive training program using a well- designed workbook and DVD package to learn how to develop push pull exercises that incorporate balance and movement for truly effective results. The Linked Strength T system for Chest and Back trains the body to become more skillful and develops intelligent strength to meet the demands of everyday life and sports. Includes: Workbook, Linked Strength T Chest and Back DVD, Online Quiz and Certificate. learn train equip Sport Balance T This digital learning program provides an in depth analysis of the technical and mechanical foundations of dynamic balance presented by globally recognized sport conditioning industry leader Peter Twist. You will learn techniques designed to improve proprioception, stability, and muscular coordination as you work through the progressive workbook and DVD package. Whole body balance will be developed using the BOSU Balance Trainer T , Smart Board T , Stability Balls, and drills using no equipment with the result being coordinated movement, and effective deceleration as well as directional change. Includes: Workbook, Sport Balance DVD, Online Quiz and Certificate. learn train equip Agility, Quickness and Reactivity T This digital learning course delivers progressive training methodology developed by sport conditioning expert Peter Twist to develop optimal performance through effective movement. Theory, drills, and teaching progressions for agility, quickness and reaction skills for young athletes, adult functional fitness and elite athletes are covered in this comprehensive DVD and workbook package. The outcome will be an enhanced ability to improve movement skillfulness using single leg, double leg, acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements, stride power, vertical jump and many other movement patterns. Includes: Workbook, Agility, Speed and Reactivity DVD, Online Quiz and Certificate. learn train equip bronze Level: Sport Conditioning Home Study DVD Series

The Competitive Edge Series: Agility Cones High Tempo, Exciting, Challenging Agility Drills builds competitive spirit and motivates athletes to work hard! Ready to implement in practice or before competition, these drills activate multiple athletes helping build agility and Speed using basic to complex movement configurations. Competition + Play = Hard Work + Fun!. Equipment Utilized: Agility Cones. learn train equip The Competitive Edge DVD Series: Plyometrics Explosive Power and Strength eliminates the competition. Learn the secrets used by pro athletes to develop single leg strength, lateral movement, vertical and rotary power using well designed Plyometric training exercises. POWER UP your athletes to improve overall performance with these challenging skills and drills! Equipment Utilized: Plyoboxes, PowerPlyos T , Plyo Hurdles, Vertical Master, Economy Vertical Master. learn train equip The Competitive Edge DVD Series: Speed Training Fast, Powerful and Exciting - Get premium results with these popular Speed Training Tools Challenge your athletes to reach a new gear of speed and acceleration when you integrate these best of class speed training principles and tools. Leave everyone else in the dust. Equipment Utilized: Slingshot T , Overspeed Trainer, Power Chute, Bullet T , Sled Dawg. learn train equip The Competitive Edge DVD Series The Competitive Edge DVD Series: Ladders & Hurdles Lightening Fast Feet, Agility and Speed give athletes the elusive edge over opponents. These Ladder and Hurdle drills develop coordination and mobility creating first step quickness for direction change. Looking for drills to improve reaction time? This collection of drills with coaching cues and progressions delivers immediate results. Equipment Utilized: Flat Rung Agility Ladder, Micro Hurdles. learn train equip Every Sport Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer searches for innovative skills and drills to give their athletes and clients the competitive edge. Accelerate your ability to produce champions using a new piece of training equipment or a new training concept when you implement this great new DVD series from Twist Sport Conditioning. The Competitive Edge DVD series was designed to allow you to hit the ground running with the latest innovative training equipment, and to provide new ideas on how to use traditional equipment. Page 54 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com twist Education