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Page 50 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com twist Education Once reserved for live events only, our Twist Sport Conditioning Coach Education Program is now professionally packaged for easy self paced learning and immediate application - learn it today and use it tomorrow. Program Highlights: . Twist world- class, proven training methodology to build athleticism . Affordable . Accessible from anywhere in the world . Accredited - quick CEC turn around . Hundred's of drills that can be easily implemented . Exercise progressions and regressions based on ability Who Can Benefit? The Twist Paradigm has been successfully implemented with athletically inspired individuals of all ages and abilities in one on one, small group and team settings. Program Structure The Twist Sport Conditioning Coach education program is progressively laid out to optimize learning, provide progressive application with your clients, and clearly illustrate your level of education and commitment in learning the Twist methodology. Why Digital Learning? We want to simplify the process of accessing quality education not make it more difficult. Twist Conditioning is a Global Sport Conditioning Education Company, changing the way the world trains by making our education more accessible and affordable. Pricing and Ordering Courses are sold individually or in specially priced packages to fast track your achievement. Courses can be accessed electronically with all materials delivered online or they can be purchased as hard copy materials shipped anywhere in the world. Examinations and Completion Timelines An online examination is required to complete each digital learning course. Once an individual has completed the course material, and feels that they are prepared to attempt the online exam, the process to register, write, and receive your grades and completion certificates is fast and efficient. " I just wanted to thank you for responding as fast as you have. Your organization is really dynamic and professional. I really enjoyed ordering equipment from your company and especially liked taking the home study courses. I found the courses very educational and productive." Thanks again, ( From Rocky to the whole Twist Conditioning Team in Vancouver) Twist Sport Conditioning Coach Education Program Gold silver bronze

Twist Sport Strength Advanced Concepts Expanding on essential strength training knowledge and exercises, this course explores more advanced training principles and complex exercise progressions with a focus on the development of explosive power. Exercises presented develop explosive linked system strength in more dynamic, unstable training environments with more complex movement skills. Movements focus on more sport specific demands and overall athletic strength that is transferable for individual tactics. The exercises progressively build whole body strength that is initiated with the legs, transfers force through the core and expresses power in the arms to link directly to sport performance and power production. An advanced toolbox of dynamic and explosive exercises provides an endless training repertoire for diverse environments. Course materials include: Manual, Voice- over PowerPoint presentation, Study Guide, Online Exam. Equipment used: SMART Muscle Medicine Ball T , SMART Muscle Board T , Stability Ball, BOSU ® Balance Trainer T , Dumbbells, SMART Toner T , Olympic bars and Olympic plates. learn train equip Twist Sport Balance Advanced Concepts Complex exercise progressions and advanced training principles are presented to challenge dynamic and transitional balance. The focus is to help athletes improve force production with direction changes at sport speed and under load to challenge balance and impact performance. Movements focus on sport specific demands and overall athletic balance is transferable to individual tactics. An advanced toolbox of exercises that are categorized by difficulty and neuromuscular complexity provides a progressive training methodology that impacts all sports in multiple environments. Course materials include: Manual, Voice- over PowerPoint presentation, Study Guide, Online Exam. Equipment used: SMART Muscle Board T Stability Ball, SMART Muscle Medicine Ball T , BOSU ® Balance Trainer T , Slingshot T . learn train equip Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 51 gold Level: Advanced Concepts Twist Sport Movement Advanced Concepts Building on the established movement skills and patterns, this advanced course delivers the next level of training with in- depth scientific theory, the progression of complex movement patterns, and exercises and drills with higher levels of skill execution and intensity. Advanced skills and drills to develop rapid excitation, multi directional quickness, and external reactivity progress athletes to be well prepared to challenge high intensity energy training safely and aggressively. This combination of theory and practical application provides an extensive toolbox that is easy to implement for diverse training environments. Course materials include: Manual, Voice- over PowerPoint presentation, Study Guide, Online Exam. Equipment used: BOSU ® Balance Trainer T , Agility Hurdles, Flat Rung Ladders, Sling Shot. learn train equip