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Page 42 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 www. twistconditioning. com Speed: Think of an athlete as a race car with 5 gears. Quickness is the first 2 gears : agility, the ability to corner, turn and break and to shift into reverse. Speed is gears 3 to 5: measured by the rate of acceleration to top speed, the highest velocity at top gear, and the pace that can be sustained at the end of a sprint. The speed training tools we advocate and represent improve stride length, stride frequency, leg power and anaerobic endurance in order to train sprint mechanics, fast twitch muscle fibres, and the brain's ability to dial up more motor units at a faster rate. Bottom line - in any sport, speed is among those sexy athletic attributes that capture coaches' attention and leave opponents in the dust. twist Speed

Toll- Free: 1- 888- 214- 4244 Page 43 Slingshot T Continuously, alternate overspeed passing and resistance running. An elastic is attached to two swivel belts, allowing athletes to pass one another. Once the elastic is stretched it places the trailing runner in an overspeed condition, accelerating the trailing runner past the lead runner. Once in the lead, runner is now powering forward in a resisted condition. Also great for partner resisted lateral and forward lunges and single leg squats! 4' SMART Toner T with 2- swivel belts. learn train equip Bullet T The Bullet T creates tremendous " jump" in stride and quicker acceleration. A 10' long strap with handle allows the coach to provide strong resistance to the runner before pulling the quick release strap. The coach activated quick release strap is connected to the athlete's shoulder harness or belt with a quick release clip. Coach Twist calls this drill " Let- Goes" and uses it to trick the nervous system into commanding the muscles to shift gears quicker. learn train equip WildCat T The WildCat T allows the athlete to train for explosive lateral speed, full- body agility, and integrated strength movements. Athlete wears a padded belt attached with two 8' SMART Toners T which can be anchored or held by another athlete/ coach to receive resistance in a fixed direction or from variable angles to train for game situations. Great for working sport footwork patterns while also integrating throws and catches. Another nice feature of the WildCat T is that you can connect the two included SMART Toners T end to end and utilize the product as an overspeed training device similar to our 2 Man Overspeed Trainer. Includes 1 WildCat T Belt, 2 - 8' SMART Toners T , and 2 anchors. learn train equip « Today I will give everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever »