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Toll-Free: 1-888-214-4244 Page 35The TRX Suspension TrainerT body-weight training station is designed for the unique demands of health clubs and fitness professionals. Developed in the US Navy SEALs and used by top trainers and pro athletes. The TRX is highly effective at improving core stability, functional strength and flexibility. Users of all fitness levels can perform functional exercises for the entire body with bodyweight resistance that adjusts from 0 to 100%.Highlights of the TRX Pro & Pro Pack include:. 1.5" industrial-grade nylon webbing rated to 1500 lbs. Sewn with heavy-gauge nylon thread. Double-stitched for strength and durability. Adjustable non-slip CAM buckles rated to 1,250 lbs. each. Club-grade grips and integrated foot cradles with neoprene padding for comfort and traction. Sturdy carabiner with locking tooth to ensure safe training for the most advanced users. System adjusts from 6' to 12' in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities. Weighs 1.79 lbsThe New Revolution in Body Weight Training TRX® Suspension TrainerT Pro Pack The TRX® Suspension Training Pro Pack comes loaded with the TRX P2 Suspension Trainer and 3-times more exercise content than before. The upgraded TRX P2 model features all new modular anchoring interface for faster set-up and take-down. The 65-minute Basic Training DVD and full-color 35 page workout guide featuring our latest exercise programming and instruction to help user's of all levels maximize their workouts. 2 in-box bonus workouts: TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast.learn train equip The Original TRX® ProThe most versatile functional training tool available anywhere. Features include: industrial-quality construction, easy-adjust CAM buckles, club-grade grips with integrated foot cradles for ground-based training. TRX Instructional Materials: The TRX® System comes with a splash-proof fitness guide and instructional DVD. TRX® Suspension Anchor . TRX® easily attaches to any secure structure such as a weight rack, post or beam. Attach to a wall or door using optional anchoring attachments (sold separately). Every aspect of the TRX® System Professional's design and construction is best-in-class. It has been field tested and can be used with confidence year after year!learn train equipTRX Pro PackOriginal TRX Pro TRX® Force Training KitThe TRX Force Training Kit includes the military version of the TRX Suspension TrainerT and fitness program that was developed in the field to achieve and maintain the highest level of physical conditioning-strength, agility and endurance. Whatever your current level of fitness, the TRX Force Training Kit will get you in top form. Kit Includes: TRX Force TrainerT, Suspension Anchor, Door Anchor, Military Fitness Guide, Mesh Storage Bag and Instructional DVD.learn train equip

Page 36 LEARN 4 TRAIN 4 EQUIP 4 TRX® Performance: Train Like The Pros DVD & GuideElite professional fitness coach and consultant to the NFL and the NCAA Todd Durkin will take you through exactly the regimen the pros use. You'll build core strength and endurance, cultivate agility and flexibility, and generally take your fitness from average to elite.learn train equip TRX® Performance: Team Sports DVD and GuideCalling all coaches, players, and those ready to take their athletic performance to the next level. This proven cutting-edge routine, combining TRX Suspension Trainer exercises and super-intense speed and agility drills, will help you reach and surpass former levels of performance and endurance.learn train equip twist Strength & PowerResources: TRX® Wall MountThe Wall Mount is a fantastic accessory for the use in any indoor area where you plan to train regularly with the TRX®. The Wall Mount may be bolted to any wall's vertical stud or open beam and allows the TRX® to be anchored wherever you want it. Simply attach the TRX® and you're ready to train!learn train equip TRX® Door AnchorAnchors the TRX® Suspension TrainerT to any sturdy door at home or on the road. Reinforced with a steel plate and wrapped in foam and felt so it will not damage wood or paint. "Workout in Progress" safety placard included.learn train equip TRX® Suspension AnchorUsed to easily attach a TRX® to any secure structure such as a weight rack, post or beam.learn train equipTwist TRX® Resources: